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Learning Center - Potty Training - Tips for Resistant Children

  • Potty training a stubborn child can turn into a power struggle at times. Remember to stay calm and praise good choices in other areas. Excitement from good feedback can overflow to other parts of his or her life.
  • Talk up the fun things that potty trained kids get to do. They have more privileges because they are more grown up.
  • Patience and time are key when beginning the potty training process with a stubborn child.
  • Delays and setbacks are common when potty training any child. Remember to laugh more, frown less.
  • A potty watch can take you out of the reminder loop. The watch can vibrate and do the reminding without mom or dad saying a word. Reward going potty when “your watch reminds you to do that”. Refrain from putting in additional verbal reminders if you start using a potty watch. These are especially helpful in situations where children are too busy playing to stop and use the bathroom.
  • Don’t nag or scold. Handle accidents very matter-of-factly. Negative reinforcement is powerful in children who are using toileting as a way of getting attention.
  • If child is strongly resisting, stop for a few weeks and try again.
  • If he or she only has accidents at home or at school, find out what the difference may be and talk to the teacher about changing some things.