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Malem Alarm Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Malem Bedwetting Alarms

This product really, really works!! My son who is 10 has been wetting the bed since he was a baby. I saw this alarm and didn't actually believe it would work, but purchased it anyway. Low and behold, after three weeks, he was no longer wetting the bed. It was amazing! Our doctor suggested doing this over the summer, but we did it during the school year because we didn't want to wait until then. It wasn't that bad. Yes, you do have to get up when the alarm goes off, but he was never that wet because as soon as the alarm went off it stopped him from going. We only had to change the bed a couple of times. I am so happy with this product and HIGHLY recommend it to all. My son is so happy also. I've already recouped my money back for now I no longer have to buy Goodnights. Good luck! Buy it!
I ignored my pediatrician's recommendation of an alarm for 2 years, thinking it would traumatize her in some way. It seemed so invasive and I was sure she'd grow out of it. In less than 2 weeks, she achieved total nighttime dryness with the Malem alarm. Her confidence has improved and she recently accompanied me on a mother/daughter campout with absolutely no worries! She has been dry for more than 6 months and has not had a single relapse. I read countless testimonies like ours that seemed too good to be true, but it really works.
I would like to thank whoever invented your product!! My two kids, ages 8 and 10, are now bed wetting free. It only took three weeks for them to make the brain and bladder connection. We have been Goodnites FREE! Our recent doctor was the first one who suggested a tool to help our children achieve their summer goal. They just needed that extra help and you were there for them. I will keep spreading the word about your wonderful products.
I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I bought a Malem alarm from you in October for my 10 year old son who wet the bed EVERY night. We had tried a vibrating only alarm years ago with no success. It was very difficult to use and it only vibrated. The Malem worked wonderfully and he has been completely dry now for over a month!!! We are thrilled!!! Thank you so much! You were such a great help!
We have used the Malem yellow alarm for my 6.5 year old son since July, along with the Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness book. It has been a great help! I couldn't be happier with the results. He is quickly progressing with the alarm treatment. He has started to go through the night being dry. His progress has not only made him feel better, but I have felt better about our laundry issue! In addition, camp outs are not a big deal now! MANY THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!!!
Our daughter who is seven had never had a dry night and was becoming increasingly embarrassed because of it. We had tried all of the "tricks", but nothing would work. At her seven year check up her pediatrician recommended your product. I must admit we were a bit skeptical but ordered the Malem alarm anyway. I am pleased to say she has been dry after just a few weeks. Thanks to the Bedwetting Store we have one very happy, self confident little girl.
My daughter will be 11 this month and she has wet the bed almost every night since she was 2. I've read about these alarms for years but never believed they worked. Boy, was I wrong. It only took 3 weeks and she has only had 2 accidents in 5 months...both after long days of soccer practice when she was very tired. We are both so happy! Thank you!
I wish we had tried this years ago! My son is 10 years old, and it only took a couple of weeks to notice a significant improvement. After having to wake him up the first couple of times the alarm sounded, he was then able to take responsibility himself. He put the alarm on, got up if it went off, and reset it. This was just a godsend for us.
I used the alarm on two of my three children who had a bed-wetting problem. My 10 year old son has been wetting his bed nightly and the situation was not improving no matter what we did. Finally we tried your alarm and we can't believe it worked. He wore the alarm for about 4 weeks, and has been dry ever since! We cannot believe that it worked. We were so excited about my son's success that we had my 7 year old daughter try it. She was very encouraged by the success her brother had, that she couldn't wait to try it. She was completely cured in two weeks. Your bed-wetting alarm has been such a tremendous help to my kids. They are so relieved (and proud) that they no longer have to wear pull-ups to bed. Your product is amazing and I just wish we would have done this sooner! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The "B" Family
We used the Malem alarm for 4 weeks every night and now my daughter has been dry for 3 weeks straight. We are very happy with this product and feel that it really works. Thank you J. F.
I was very happily surprised at how effective and quick the alarm worked. The chart really offered motivation and our daughter was making it through the night after 6 weeks! I highly recommend this product!
At first my husband and I didn't think it was working. We stuck to it and it worked. It made my son so happy, especially counting the days down to when he no longer needed to wear the alarm. He has been dry for months. His reward was to have a sleepover with his friends. Even though that made him feel great, the best was him giving me a great big kiss and a big smile when he jumped out of the car to sleep over at his best friends house for the first time. The Malem was a dream come true for my son. Thank You
My son is 7 and he achieved dryness much more quickly than I expected. After my son was dry for 2 weeks, he wore the alarm every other night for 2 more weeks. Then we put a safety pin on his pjs where the alarm was and he's been successful ever since. He also voids twice before going to bed.
We have had the alarm for about 4 weeks now and it cost about $90. I have spent so much on pull ups for years and years; I should have bought an alarm a long time ago. My son turns 8 next week and I think he finally has this beat. I am so proud of him. We still put the pad down just in case and still use the alarm every night but after about the first week he is not wetting the bed anymore. A Z
My son is doing so well with this alarm. It only goes off once in awhile, soon he'll be able to sleep without it. Our younger son also has this problem so he will be using it next. It is great that the solution does not involve medicines. I used an alarm when I was a child and it helped me so I had high hopes and this alarm came through! I am so glad that I purchased it and can give both of my sons some self-esteem back. Thank you for the informative emails. It helps to reinforce that we are on the right track! R. R.
I have five year old twin boys. They would wake up everyone morning soaking wet. We used the Malem alarm for one week, and they have been dry for the past two weeks without the alarm. I can't believe how fast it worked! Alanis M
I would like tell you how happy and proud my 6 and 1/2 year old daughter feels about sleeping thru the night without any accidents and without having to use pull-ups. We owe it all to the Malem and your company--THANK YOU! It took 4 weeks but during those 4 weeks we had lots of dry nights and then on week 5 and 6 she we dry for good. THANK YOU A BILLION TIMES OVER! Sincerely and forever grateful, S and D
Our almost-eight-year-old had been wearing Good Nights to bed every night and had never had a dry night - ever. After purchasing and using the Malem alarm for two months, he is now consistently dry, wears underpants to bed for the first time ever, wakes up when he needs to urinate and does not need the alarm anymore. We never thought we would see this day, honestly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! And our son thanks you, too! He had felt so ashamed of himself and now he feels proud that he's conquered this hurdle and is no longer embarrassed. Fran V.
The Malem unit was used by my son with amazing success and much faster than we had anticipated! We have tried many other aids to help him curb this problem, but none of them worked like the Malem Alarm. I am confidant that anyone will achieve success with this unit as well. It has proven to be very effective. Tarry S.
I started using the Malem alarm for my son in October for my 5.5 yr old son. It was not until April or May that he was consistently dry. I am happy to say in July....we are done with wetting the bed! Stick with it, it works. We started out getting up 3-4 times per night and within the first 4-6 weeks that decreased to only 1-2 times per night and towards the end it was 1 time per night or going 5-6 nights dry then a night of getting up 1 time. I would recommend this to everyone! B. S.
The Malem Alarm is awesome! Our son is 8 years old and has never had a dry night. After 2 weeks of the alarm going off - our son started getting up before it would go off to use the bathroom. After 1 month of wearing the alarm, we took it off and our son has been dry for 2 weeks!! Thank you for your support! Pete W