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Rodger Wireless Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm

My son was a bed wetter for all his life on a nightly basis. He's 11 years old. Within 30 days of using the Rodger Wireless Alarm, his bedwetting went from every night to 1/2 that number. Within 60 days, he was not wetting the bed at all. When he needs to use the bathroom now, he gets up and goes and then goes right back to sleep. This product really worked. C.S.
We are very pleased with the results! We have had no relapses--it's amazing, especially knowing what it's like to have had the problem myself. If this product had been available when I was a kid, my life might have been very different (in a good way, of course)! L.L.
My son has been wetting the bed for 7 years. We have tried so many different things to help fix this problem. Nothing worked. The Rodger wireless alarm was the solution. In 2 weeks, our son was waking up completely dry. He has not wet the bed since. I can not tell you how happy we are about these results. I tell all my friend and even people I don't know about the alarm we purchased and the Bedwetting Store. I was so frustrated and feeling so hopeless. The end result with the Rodger alarm feels like a miracle. We can't thank you enough Stacey, CA
We loved the Rodger wireless alarm. My 13 year old son had used an alarm that hooked onto his underwear in the past. Half the time, he was too tired to attach it before he went to bed. The Rodger alarm was so easy to use! He never forgot to just put on the underwear so the alarm was ready on the nights he needed it. The sound came from the wall unit so he always had to get out of bed to turn it off. In only a few weeks, he was drier than he had been his whole life. P. S. We figured out that he had to turn his computer off at night so it wouldn't interfere with the wireless alarm.
I wanted to let you know about the excellent results we had with the Rodger Wireless Bedwetting System. After two weeks, my 12 year old daughter stopped wetting. We kept it up for another 14 days and she continued to wake up dry. I realize these results are not typical but, I think if a child is a good candidate for a bedwetting alarm, this is a good one to try.
Our 6 1/2 yr old son has been dry maybe 2 or 3 nights his entire life, until we started using the Rodger Wireless system. After approximately 4 weeks of using it, he just had his 4th consecutive DRY night ... unbelievable! A week of smaller and dryer underwear and bedding soon has turned into consecutive dry nights... and we are doing NOTHING different with liquid restrictions or anything like that. Thank you!!!!!!! I would recommend your product to anyone ... even if they're doubtful like we were.
We obviously are not a "dry in one week" success story. But I have to tell you that your products AND your helpful advice held out the most hope for us. No one has ever had the kind and knowledgeable "we can keep working on this" attitude of you and your staff. The problem that was most persistent was that he was simply a very deep sleeper. But without a doubt, we found success with the Rodger Wireless Alarm. For us, it was the perfect combo. My sleepy son could not turn it off and roll over back to sleep before I would hear it. It probably took us 6 months to "get there". But I think we are there. We saw the progression from larger to smaller wet spots, more dry nights in a way we never saw with the other alarms. Without a doubt, the time for his deepest sleep was 12:30 to 1:30 am but his problems with that time span seemed intermittent but cyclical. So that was the last "trouble spot" to disappear. Thanks for your words of encouragement and willingness to problem solve. Your products and your knowledge have made a tremendous difference to me and my son. Anonymous
The Rodger wireless underwear alarm really works! I'm done with one son, now the 2nd son is doing it. Lost a pair of underwear - though - so I have to get another pair - have to have two. Very great product!
Fantastic Product (Rodger Wireless Alarm)! The underwear is comfortable, and the snap in unit is small enough my son still sleeps on his stomach. We are only two weeks into the program, but it is much better than the old pad system that I was trained on (I still despise it) with the embarrassing huge box and uncomfortable metal pad. Emily
Thank you. Your alarm has been a big boost to this problem. Within 2 months, he had been dry for 6 weeks and within 3 months he wasn't using it anymore. What a great help this aid has been. D.D.
Thank you so much for making such a useful tool to cure something that sometimes seems like it may be incurable. This has totally changed our lives for the better, and i can't thank you enough!
My son had wet his bed every night for his 11yrs until I bought the Rodger Wireless alarm. We had tried another alarm and many different things (like no liquids after 5pm and me waking him up several times a night to go, etc.), before buying this alarm. After only using it for 2 months, he is dry every night and doesn't use it anymore. I would definitely recommend this alarm to anyone with the same issue. Believe me, its worth the money to have a happy/dry child each morning. Thank you Rodger for making a successful alarm.
The alarm changed our lives!!!!!!!---It was the BEST money ever spent! Our son was successful within 1 month of using the alarm.
Thank you for your product. I really did not believe it would work...but our 9 year old son is now dry at night and we are all so happy for him. This had NEVER happened since he was BORN! Thanks again, I am one very thankful mother. L.M.
I am so so SUPRISED!!! I didn't really think it would work this fast. It took less then 3 weeks for our son to stop bedwetting. IT WORKED !!!! THANK you, THANK YOU.
My son stopped wetting the bed and now he is dry for most nights. I cannot tell you how invaluable this is. It is worth every penny. Thank you!!!
We are lucky because our 6 year old was highly motivated and she was dry by 7 weeks with only one very brief relapse at 11 weeks. The alarm was worth every penny----it eliminated our frustration with daily wet bed linens and gave our daughter the comfortable nights of sleep she deserves. We are very grateful for this product! S.T.
We are so grateful that our doctor recommended an alarm. It really worked! It took my 8-1/2 year old son about three months, with a few setbacks but mostly gradual progress. He is so proud and I am so grateful to have a permanent solution rather than treating him constantly with drugs that weren't working well anyway. Thank you so much!
The alarm was so easy to use. My daughter could put it on and take it off all by herself. I wish I had not waited so long to purchase it. Her self confidence has changed completely. She is a much happier girl. It only took a little over one month until she was completely dry. Thank you so much.