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Malem Ultimate Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Malem ULTIMATE Bedwetting Alarms

We are so very happy with the Malem Ultimate Alarm. Our 7 and 1/2 year old used it very consistently for about 6 weeks. His alarm sometimes would go off several times a night and sometimes he would get himself up to go to the bathroom before the alarm. This alarm started working the first night we used it and continued to help us make excellent progress as it suggested it would and as many of the testimonials suggested also. This is a child who used to pee through two GoodNights pullups most nights and wake up soaking. Of course I was skeptical about spending the money initially, none of the other stories parents shared seemed to resonate with our experiences, so we weren't convinced this would work for us. But we have only been thrilled and grateful that we did. I'm sure we've saved the cost of the alarm in the reduction of laundry in the few short months we've been working on this. We feel very strongly that this alarm has changed our lives. Thank you.
My son is 10 years old and had previously used an alarm that required pantiliners, velcro, and was much more complicated to use. Sometimes we were too tired to bother using it. The Malem Ultimate Alarm was much easier to use and he successfully stopped wetting the bed in 4 weeks. Thank You!
We purchased your alarm at the end of January. My soon to be 8-year old son has been the lucky one to use it. He has been wearing pull-ups forever (he is skinny) and was wet most of the time. It was maybe once a month he was dry. We tried the different medications (that had been successful for my older daughter), but that was not working as well. We tried waking him up around 4:00 in the morning to have him go to the bathroom, but he would still be wet later. His nurse suggested he was maybe old enough to try the alarm. For the past 5 weeks, it went off most of the first week, but then he started to get up and go on his own around 4:00-5:00 in the morning. He has been very responsible putting the alarm on by himself and hooking it up. As of today, he has been dry for the past 15 days in a row. He loves the chart and puts smiley faces on the dry days. He has already received a game boy for his success.
On June 9, 2007, my eight year old grandson received a Malem alarm I ordered for him after repeated attempts to conquer his bed wetting. On that day, I told him if we were successful, I would let him dictate his testimonial regarding how it works and give his success story in his own words. Here's what he says after succeeding with the assistance of the Malem alarm system: "When I got the Malem alarm I was nervous and I couldn't go to sleep because I was ready for the alarm to go off. The first night I did not have a dry night, but a few nights later I finally started having dry nights. As of today, I am not wearing the alarm anymore. I feel confident that I won't have to use it again. The Malem alarm really works!! Thank you Ms. Mercer and crew for all your help.
I want to thank you for creating such a user-friendly product. We purchased the Malem Ultimate alarm for our son and it has literally changed his life. Its been about two months now and he has not had a single regression. We are so excited and grateful for this product. We had purchased two other alarms from other companies but didn’t try them. Both were complicated in design and required sewing pads and attachments to clothes. I love the clip-on design of the Malem. Again, I thank you and applaud your contribution to help solving this all too common problem.
I purchased this Malem alarm for my son who was 5 and wetting the bed 3 times a night. We were all exhausted—but after wearing this alarm for 2 weeks, he was wetting only 1 time a night. After another month, he was staying dry. He has stayed dry for about 5 months now. This alarm worked so well!
Our eleven year old son had a problem with bedwetting. He had been wearing a pull-ups since he was out of diapers. We tried everything from waking him throughout the night to medications with little results. The problem was he just slept too hard and he wouldn't wake up when his bladder was full. We had him sleep on our floor and whenever the alarm went off we would help him get up and get to the bathroom. Soon his body was able to wake up when he had to go. This alarm really works! I can't tell you how much solving this problem has helped his confidence and self-esteem.
I ordered the Malem Ultimate Gold alarm and was skeptical, to say the least. I had a 6 year old who we had tried everything with to stop the bedwetting. We tried limiting liquids, waking him several times a night, and many other "homemade" remedies, but NOTHING worked. The Malem worked within a month! My son was still somewhat wet during the first two weeks, but by the third week, he started having dry nights. By the end of the fourth week, he was dry every night, and has been dry ever since! This alarm was worth every penny we spent. We are so proud of him, but the best part is that you can see how proud he is of himself.
After only about 5 weeks, my never-before-dry 14 year old has been dry for 3 months! I've held on to the alarm thinking it was too easy and we'd need it again, but he has indeed been cured of his bedwetting. He wakes instantly now as if afraid to stay asleep and face that obnoxious alarm! We had a few comical nights at first, as he would bolt out of bed and not know what was happening, but it only took a few weeks for him to start waking up before the alarm went off. This has been a wonderful, permanent change in my son's life! If only I had done this years ago!
I can not explain how thankful I am for whoever invented this "Selectable" alarm! I no longer have to spend money on numerous packages of overnight diapers. My 10 year old daughter is dry after 2 weeks and has continued to stay dry for 2 months now. To top it off, my insurance company reimbursed me for the full price of the alarm. I contacted my doctor to recommend your web site for her future patients. Hopefully this will help people in my same situation. Again, thank you so much!
I am now using the alarm on my 3rd child. We have been outrageously successful. We have now been dry through 6th grade camp and numerous sleep overs. I hope we do not have any regression. Thanks for all your help. Maybe in 12 more weeks, my family will not ever have to buy pull ups again. You have been a great help to my family and we thank you.
We tried another product before we discoverd your product from a brochure in our Doctor's office. We are thrilled that your products are reliable (with the other product, we could not always turn it off and it kept going on until it ran out of batteries!), and easy to use. We are so happy that it worked in only a few weeks. Thanks so much for a good product!
The first 2 nights my 7 year old son screamed to take it off and not put it back on when it woke him up. But a few days later, he was putting it on by himself and resetting it when it awoke him. Less than 2 weeks later, he was completely dry at night. He has now been dry for almost 6 months. This was the best device. Before this, I took my son to 2 pediatric urologists who said nothing was wrong, wait it out. Now, one of them recommends the Malem with vibration to his patients.
It worked! My child had wet the bed almost every night for 7 years & after 6 weeks using the Malem alarm with vibration, she stayed dry every night. In 6 months, she has only wet the bed twice. Thanks a lot!!!
I am so happy with the alarm. My 7 year old son wet nightly or more. He was not having social or emotional problems about it. He and I were just tired of the whole wet bed routine. Together we decided to give this a try and he got a quarter for every night he wore it. This made him want to wear it on those nights when he was a little tired of it. He has had two nights out of the last few months when he wet, but other than that he has been dry and more independent about getting up in the morning. He is still only seven so we won't give the alarm away just yet, but if nothing else we are saving a ton of water from not washing sheets every morning! C. W.
We purchased the alarm for our 13 year old daughter who was having problems. It worked very well and we are now using it on our 6 year old son with great progress!! Thank you!!!!!
My 11 year old daughter, who had very few dry nights in her entire life, was totally dry after 8 wks and has been dry ever since. My 9 year old daughter is now using it and progressing even faster. Persistance and patience has paid off!! Great Product!
This was the best $100 I have spent in my life! My son has been completely cured of his bedwetting! This is no exaggeration. I thought I'd tried everything, and there was nothing i could do but wait it out. I got the alarm, used it as recommended and it has been about 4 months since any accidents. (from every single night of his life!) I completely recommend this!
I am amazed at this product. I waited until my children were older to begin the process. There was more pressure on me for not having them nighttime trained than I would have guessed. Both of my children (ages 7 and 6) had decided they were ready. We discussed our options and all agreed to try the alarm. There was debate on who should go first though. They both were anxious. I had my doubts about the ability of the alarm to wake up my very heavy sleepers, but it didn't take more than 2 nights to get over that fear. I am so pleased with this product and have suggested it to several other families. Thank you so much for creating such a wide variety of options. Success in nighttime dryness is a huge issue for children of all ages and what dryness brings to them is priceless! Thank you.
Our son is 8 and both he and his best friend were bedwetters. We had success around Thanksgiving (and have not had an accident yet) and his best friend just this past week has had equivalent success. We are so excited to recommend your product! Our results were amazing considering for the first 2 weeks our son could sleep through the sound, vibration and light! Thanks for your support!
I love your product (Malem Ultimate Vibrating Alarm)! My son was very excited to use it, and we started experiencing dry nights within the first week, and stopped using the alarm within 3 months. We haven't had a relapse yet!
This alarm is awesome! I have already recommended it to a friend. I wish I would have known about it sooner. Can't say enough good things about it. I feel like I could be a spokesperson for the Malem Ultimate!
The Malem ULTIMATE alarm was great. My son didn't like safety pinning the alarm to his pj top, so we put it in a cloth money belt that he wore around his waist. It was much more comfortable for him and the cord was contained.
My child’s doctor recommends your company. He said that patients who have bought cheaper items or items from other places have been dissatisfied and return to him to ask for your information. My son liked being able to pick out his own color alarm (he chose gold).
Thank you for your fantastic resources! My eleven year old son was consistently dry after using the Malem Ultimate alarm for only 2 weeks. He was able to go to camp with no embarrassing pull-ups or bed protectors. He had the best time ever! Thank you and I will be sure to recommend you and your products to my physician. Jennifer P
I purchased the Malem Gold Ultimate and my 6 year old has been using it for almost a month and a half. I am still in shock that it has worked. We had tried everything and finally, I stumbled across your website. My daughter, who had previously only had 1 dry night in her life, is now on 2 1/2 weeks of being dry. I have already recommended it to 4 people with the same problem-one has purchased the same alarm! Thank you, Suzanne, UT
Your Malem Ultimate is just what we needed for our 11 year-old. We tried all sorts of remedies, including expensive prescription medication, all without success. We now wish that we had tried your alarm much sooner. After we began using the Ultimate alarm, our child went from one dry night in the first two weeks to dryness every night in the eighth week. He has been dry each night of the four following weeks as well. We could have paid for the Ultimate in prescription expenses alone. This alarm is well worth the price! Not only is our child sleeping much better, but his self-confidence is greater and our relationship is much improved! For us, this was a little miracle. Thank you in so many ways. Sincerely, Kelly
I can't express how pleased my wife and I are, not to mention my son, with the product we purchased. We got a baby monitor and made every effort to get to his bedside as soon as possible. Within a week, the alarm going off would cause him to hold his urine until we woke him up. Then he could use the bathroom. Within three weeks, with only one or two mishaps, he was getting up on his own when the alarm went off and going to the bathroom. After about 5 weeks, we stopped using the alarm all together. With the exception of bedwetting on an evening when he was completely exhausted, he was been dry from week 5. Needless to say, we are thrilled. Please feel free to use any part of this letter as an endorsement for the Malem ULTIMATE Bedwetting Alarm with Sound and Vibration, or for your website and the advice that you so generously offer. Gratefully yours, Dana and Brendan
I just have to take the time to say THANKS! My son is days away from turning 8 and has had bedwetting problems until now. Thanks to the Malem Ultimate, he is now dry. It was the best investment for my son. After only about 2 weeks, he is now waking up and going to the bathroom on his own. I had tried everything, from medicine, waking him up... nothing worked until now. The Dr. even ran tests on him to be sure there wasn’t some kind of medical issue. He has been dry for over 3 weeks, and the last 10 days he hasn't even worn the alarm. It has been amazing. I can already see his confidence increase. I have to say THANK YOU and I will be sure to tell everyone about your product. Thanks. A very happy mother
We bought this Malem Ultimate alarm from you just a few weeks ago. Our child has already been dry for several days. She says her "brain" wakes her up now and tells her to go to the bathroom. We had tried rigorously on a 12MN, 2AM, 5AM schedule of "lifting" and was never able to achieve dryness. We were discouraged, sleepless and beginning to think there was something physiologically wrong with her. This alarm is a priceless learning experience! Thanks so much for offering such a great product! Quentin M
This alarm rocks. I wish I had known about it sooner. It only took my daughter about 2-3 weeks and she's completely dry now every morning. This has changed the environment in our household and removed a stress in our house. Thank you, thank you, thank you!