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Seven Steps Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness

After reading the book that came with it, we tried it and it worked beautifully, Thank you so much!!
I think the alarm and the website are wonderful. The book " 7 Steps" was very informative. Constipation is a problem for our son and I make a bigger effort to get more fruit and fiber gummi bears into his diet.
The book that we purchased with the alarm was a BIG help. It encouraged me to continue in the training despite being sleep deprived and frustrated. It also helped that my husband and I were both bed-wetters and could console him during this process. My son has been dry for several months now, and he is very proud. Thank you for your services
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I didn’t know where to turn for reliable information about my daughter’s bedwetting. When I searched for books on bedwetting, Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness jumped out at me as one a parent might be able to use. This book was easy to read and offered many practical suggestions and treatments options. It talked about the use of a bedwetting alarm, which I had never heard of. That made perfect sense to me, so we tried the Malem alarm. The results were amazing—my daughter was completely dry in less than a month. We followed the book’s recommendations and are so glad we did! A happy girl and her mom
I just received your follow-up email to my purchase of a bed alarm. I have been SOOO pleased with all of my contact with you. The problem of bedwetting seemed too overwhelming to tackle before I found your website and book. The book was so straight forward that I immediately felt able to tackle the problem. Harriet F.
I ordered this book several months ago but finally had a chance to read it this summer. My 12 year old son had been struggling with bedwetting his entire life. After school was out, he reminded me that we were going to try something to stop his wetting. I pulled out this book and we both read it. He enjoyed the question and answer section in the back because it answered a lot of the questions that he had. We didn’t realize that he could be conditioned to wake up with the bedwetting alarm, even though he sleeps like a log. I was a little skeptical at first but pleasantly surprised as he began to have a few dry nights. This summer has been a turning point for us. Now he can go back to school without worrying! I recommend this book for other families dealing with this problem. Jean
What a great book! It will be a saving grace to many parents facing a bedwetting problem. Great easy to read format also. Pam R., MSW