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What Our Customers Say About Our Bedwetting Alarms

We loved it. We trained our 8 year old in a little over a month and then a couple months later we trained our 5 year old using the alarm. They have both been dry for over 3 months, with the exception of our oldest wetting on some overnight stays. We have told our siblings about it to use with their boys when the time comes. No more nightly pull-ups! Our boys were old enough to turn off the alarm themselves and take care of things once they woke up enough. It was great! They really took ownership of it and we kept track on the calendar of how many days in a row they were dry. They knew 14 days in a row and they could be done!
It was a great experience for me and my child. He is seven years old and wanted so badly to be dry at night. We used the monitor last summer and by the end of the summer he was dry! We have only had 1 accident in the past 5 months. Thank you very much.
The Wet-Stop alarm was such a life saver for us. It helped my son stay dry through the night in about 3 weeks and he has been dry ever since. Now we are using it for my daughter. I am sure we will have great results with her too.
I purchased the Nite Trainr originally for my son and loved I am buying the female attachments for my's nice to have this as an option for empowering my children to become dry at night! Thank you!
My 7 year old son was wetting the bed almost every night and sometimes 2 times a night, soaking though night time diapers. By the end of the first week of using your alarm he was dry most nights. It has been 3 months and now he is cured!! We have a strong family history of bedwetting and I didn't think this would be possible. Thank you!!!!
Our son was 8 when he started using the alarm; nothing we had tried had helped his problem and we did not wish to use medication to try to solve the problem. Within 7 to 10 days of starting using the alarm he had his first dry night. We are thrilled with the results; he now goes to bed without the alarm and still has dry nights. We will hold onto the alarm in case there is any regression; but we are thrilled with the results.
My older son (age 7) used the alarm. He is a very confident child and was not really suffering any self-esteem or school related issues from the alarm, but I didn't want that to start if the bedwetting continued. The alarm worked amazingly well and took about 6 weeks. My younger son (age 5)used the alarm only 1.5 weeks before he stayed dry for 14 days consecutively. Although never teased by his twin brother who hasn't had an accident since age 2, he is very proud to be out of his nighttime pull-ups.
I've recommended the alarm to several of my friends.
I cannot tell you how happy I am with your product. I reluctantly purchased your alarm and did not have much hope. I was a bedwetter until the age of 12. The males on my side of the family-father and brother-were even older when they stopped wetting the bed. My 7 year old was so upset that he had to wear pull ups at night and could not go on sleepovers. He heard his pediatrician mention alarms to me during a well child check up and asked if I could order one. He was so excited when it arrived and couldn't wait to get started. The first couple of weeks were discouraging because we realized he wet the bed between 2 and 4 times a night. We were up constantly and so tired. I prayed every night that we would have success and by the 4th week we had a couple of dry nights. He went up and down on his chart during the next few weeks and all of a sudden, something clicked. Around the 9th week we heard his alarm go off at around 11pm and realized he was on his way to the restroom. He caught himself right at the beginning and got up. He has been dry every night since. It's been 5 mos. and I cannot begin to tell you how happy my husband and I are about the success. My brother just had a son and one of the first things he said was, "I just hope he doesn't have a bedwetting problem." It's amazing how seriously you take it when you once had the problem. He is so happy to know that there are options for his son if he needs help. Thank you so much and please let me know if you'd like a copy of the 12 week chart I kept on my son. We could not be more pleased. N.T.
We tried EVERYTHING - including medication and the alarm was the ONLY thing that worked. Thank you!
this alarm was the greatest thing ever! my only regret is that I didn't try it sooner.
The item worked great, I can't begin to tell how well. Also in a short time, less than what I thought it was going take. There have been no relapses. I am very pleased with your product.
We had great success with the alarm. Within two weeks of using the alarm my daughter was already wetting the bed less often than before the alarm. She had one relapse, but one night with the alarm and she was back on track. She is now totally dry at night and will wake up if she has to use the bathroom. Thank you!!
My son is 17. He was cured in ONE night! After he heard the alarms it scared the daylights out of him and impressed him so much that if he is about to wet he literally jumps out of bed and hauls himself to the bathroom. He says he is never going to allow that alarm to go off again. Thanks! My water bill from washing his sheets went down by $20.00 in one month! The alarm will pay for itself; not to mention my son's newfound confidence. He can go to college next Fall without fear.
We had immediate success. My daughter was so excited to start using it we tried it before I had even read the book! She liked the cool pink color. She was able to stay dry by the third week. The mattress pads were extremely helpful and made the middle of the night changes much easier. I would recommend your product without a doubt!!
Your product worked like MAGIC! It took three nights and she was dry. Not one accident since then. If you have product/client testimonials, please add me to the list so I can tell everyone how wonderfully it worked! K.H.
This has been wonderful. I was really skeptical in the begining but thought that anything was worth a try. To my amazement we had 100% success in just 7 weeks with no relapses. I have recomended this alarm numerous times. Thank you so much for this great product!!
I was pleased with the alarm and the amount of time it took for my daughter to stop wetting the bed. Even when she had a relapse, she asked to start using the alarm again. I wish more pediatrician's offices recommended this product, maybe it would not have taken 10 years to stop the nighttime bed wetting.
I would reccommend this product for anyone with a child who is willing and wanting to try an alarm. The best advice was praising the child for trying and continuing the use of the alarm and NOT praising a dry night. It was only a matter of months and my 6 year old was dry!
I purchased an alarm for my son and he is progressing very well with it. He used to cry and think he was a freak which of course would break my heart. But with the alarm, he's able to take control of the situation and learn a little about himself. He is on his 6th week and has only a few accidents now. This is a vast improvement and has given him the encouragement he needed to keep on trying! And the other day I was able to return an unopened bag of night time pull ups for him! He was so proud! Thank you again and again, Sherri V.