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Stain Removers Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Urine Stain Removers

Just wanted to let you know what an awesome product Urine-Erase is, though I’m sure you’re well aware. My dog had a big accident between the living and dining room in an area that could not be covered with a rug. I thought the carpet was destroyed. We are big fans of Nature’s Miracle for other accidents, but it wasn’t doing the trick. We looked on line for a product that would help, and yours was the first we came across. Can’t thank you enough! Paula G
For parents dealing with bedwetting, (something no one wants to talk about) your products are the best. Our son has the alarm and we have also purchased the urine erase. Urine Erase is wonderful! It works and saved our son's mattress and his floors. Also, this saved us a lot of money instead of having to replace his bed right now. Thank you for offering this product. Theresa M
We just purchased the gallon size of Urine Erase after purchasing the 16 oz size a month or so ago. The product does exactly what it says! My son struggled with bedwetting for several years and we thought we would try the 16 oz size and it worked wonders for his mattress. Then we thought, how in the world can we save his carpet and the wood underneath. We bought the gallon size. It arrived yesterday and the smell is gone! He can finally feel good about his room and not worry that it will smell. That is a huge relief to a little boy who was embarrassed because no matter what air freshener or carpet cleaner or carpet refresher you use, the smell is still there. Thank you for offering all your products, but the urine-erase is one of the BEST! This is not an easy situation for children or parents and I truly thank you for having your website and these products. Blessings, Carolyn P
Bought a small size of Urine-Erase and it really did work!!