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Starter Kit Testimonials

What Our Customers Say - Bedwetting Treatment Kits

I used the Rodger wireless Treatment Kit with my 8 year old son. Within one month of use he went from bedwetting five nights a week to completely dry. I was amazed and it did wonders for my son's self esteem. He liked just putting the special underwear on at bedtime, without having to hook anything on his shoulder! We just left the wall unit plugged in. That was several months ago and his is still completely dry every night. I had to get up with him almost every night for a month but it was definitely worth it!
We bought the Treatment Kit about 6-7 weeks ago. My daughter was excited about the alarm and chart, but for the first 10 nights, she wet every night and I thought she would need medication too. She wanted to quit because she was so disappointed not to get the quick result. Well, we had a big party one night and she must have had 4 sodas late at night. We sent her to bed with her alarm expecting a flood! She was dry that night AND she has not wet the bed once since then! We are still pinching ourselves and cannot believe it! Our daughter is incredibly proud and I have told everyone I know to tell anyone they know with this problem to try the Treatment Kit. Thank you!
I found your web site on day and ordered the Malem alarm, the book and the bed pads as a part of a kit. When I read the tip sheet, I knew where we had gone wrong with using an alarm in the past. This time it worked! It took 8 weeks, but my son has been completely dry for over a month now! I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful products! I am very passionate about this subject and want to spread the word! I want people to know that there is hope and help out there for bedwetters-it is called The Bedwetting Store!
I feel very grateful to have found your products. My son, age 9, relied on pull-ups for the night and was determined to try something else. After trying your Malem bedwetting alarm for two weeks, he started to become dry. "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness" answered many of the questions I had-each sentence seemed to be speaking directly to my family. The two overlays helped with my laundry! (I put them away so I can use them for his younger brother.) Within 6 weeks we were at total dryness. His confidence has soared! Your company is a Godsend.
The book that we purchased with the alarm was a BIG help. It encouraged me to continue in the training despite being sleep deprived and frustrated; it also helped that my husband and I were both bedwetters and could console him during this process. My son has been dry for several months now, and he is very proud. Thank you for your services.
My 5 year old son has had great success with your alarm. We purchased a Treatment Kit a year ago (when he was 4). It took about 3 weeks, and he gradually stopped. Within 6 weeks bed wetting was almost nonexistant. ...One year later the only time he has an accident is when he's sick or exhausted. We just put the alarm on him again for a couple of nights and there is not a repeated accident the second night. THANK YOU!!! I've recommended your product to anyone who would listen. I'm truly grateful!
I never give feedback, but in this case I have to make an exception. My son is turning 12 this month and he has finally stopped bedwetting. You don't know how long this has been an issue for him. His self-esteem was so low and he even experienced mood swings. I would have given anything to get him to stop. Once I mentioned your product he was a little skeptical. I convinced him that it was worth a try. We had years of getting up in the middle of the night to change bedding and clothing we felt defeated. Then one day I found your web site and the rest is history. The child that I knew was there finally came out of his shell. He is a new person. His self esteem is so much higher now, he has even improved his eating habits and managed to loose some extra weight. My son is now getting up at night by himself and using the bathroom on his own. The first night that it happened I cried. I truly want to thank you for providing such wonderful products at such affordable costs. After all what we got in return was priceless!!!!!
I love these products. My 7 yr old daughter did amazing with it. My 5 yr old son is now using the alarm and it is amazing. Best $120 I ever spent. Thank you , Thank you
Your "package" putting together all the needed items was very helpful. We just wish we had done the whole thing 6 months sooner.
The book was very informative and I noted several points that I was able to correct which contributed to my son's wetting. The waterproof pads are great.
I'm just so pleased with the results (and so is my 8 year old son). The book was very helpful because it indicated that this could be an up and down process and that was reassuring. It almost feels like magic that this alarm did the trick (though the fact that my son now sleeps somewhat less deeply is clearly an indication of the effectiveness of the alarm and the source of his bedwetting issues). Thanks for everything!
Reading the book before starting helped in a huge way. If I did not read the book I would have been very frustrated. My son is now free of the pull ups!!!!!!!!!
Truly remarkable. Our autistic 9 year old has worn night time pullups for the last 5 years. We tried everything. In less than 4 weeks he was totally cured using the kit. Not a drop in the last 3 months. Cost:$120. VALUE: PRICELESS
This had to be the greatest investment we made in helping our child break the habit. I want to thank you sooo much for this product. He was able to break his habit in about 8 weeks time. However, during this 8 week period, it began occurring less and less, and by 8 weeks, we put the device away. I know his confidence has increased and I couldn't be happier for this!!! Thanks again, your product is awesome!!! Also, when you factor in the cost of night pants that won't be needed, it pays for itself!!!
The first night he went to sleep with the alarm attached, we let him put overnight pants on after the first time the alarm went off and then came the all-night test. The first week, the alarm went off three, then two times a night; the next week, once. My husband and I took turns being the designated nighttime parent. He was wetting the pad, but being able to simply slip another one on made it seem like not a big deal. The wet spots got smaller as he woke up sooner, and within a few weeks, he was getting only a bit of his underpants wet. He must have been at the cusp of being ready developmentally, and I suspect the intensive learning experience that the alarm provided helped his brain to form, and deepen, the necessary connections in his brain. At any rate, it worked. Peg P
I used the Malem Ultimate 1 Bedwetting Treatment Kit with my 8 year old son. Within one month of use he went from bedwetting five nights per week to completely dry. I was amazed and it did wonders for my son’s self esteem. That was almost a year ago and he is still completely dry every night. I had to get up with him almost every night for almost a month but it was definitely worth it! C K
We got a bedwetting alarm from you in December. We purchased it for our 8 year old son who had never had a dry night. We started using the alarm on December 27th and by the third week he was staying dry. We followed the instructions in your book "7 Steps to Nighttime Dryness" and he has now been dry for over five weeks and no longer wears the alarm. Last week he had his first sleep over without pull-ups and he was very proud! We now plan on using the alarm on our 7 year old daughter. We are waiting until spring break to start. We are looking forward to having both of our children out of pull-ups by summer. Thank you for your website, the information it provides and the reasonably priced products. Sally S
I just wanted to thank you for being there for us. Thanks to your book "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness" and the Malem alarm we purchased from you, our six-and-a-half year old son is dry at night. The process was much quicker than we expected and we are very pleased. Jenny