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What Our Customers Say - Vibrating Watches

I have looked everywhere for a watch that would do what this one does! I am so grateful that you offer it. It will help my son tremendously! Thank you!
My daughter's urologist highly recommended your site. I was very excited to see the pink Malem multi-alarm watch. When a child already has issues, at least she is able to wear a watch that will be feminine. Thank you!!!!
I just wanted to let you know that your vibrating watch alarm has worked wonders with my son. He is 9 and had been a bed wetter for 9 years and is finally on track with being dry. All it took was more drinking and going to the bathroom at selected intervals of the day. I just really appreciate such a great product! Thomas E
We purchased the Vibro-Watch for a student who needs to leave the regular clasroom to receive special education services. It is my hope that it will eliminate the need for the teacher to bring it to everyones' attention each day. Thought you might want to know about an additional use.
The VibraLITE 3 is a blessing. My daughter did not have any accidents during the day while wearing the watch. Since needing to replace the watch she has had many accidents.
Thank you for your information on daytime wetting. I thought my daughter was the only one with this problem. I am really hoping that the watch will work.
My 7yr old son uses this (Invisible Clock) to help keep him on a voiding schedule. He will not wear a watch so this is the perfect thing for him. I wear it for him to remind us to get him to the restroom. I am thinking of purchasing another one for school for him. Wonderful product!! Suzanne R.
Hi - we purchased the Vibro-Watch for our daughter a few weeks ago. We are very happy with how the watch functions. K. Walters
I've been very happy with the service that the Bedwetting Store provides...I had this watch for my daughter before, but my daughter jumped in the pool and... that was the end. This watch looks like a cool stop watch while reminding her to use the potty (discreetly). Thank You!
I'm using the watch for my daughters medical condition: Diabetes. Don't forget to advertise it as an item that supports other (non-bed wetting related) applications.
Great product. I am a school nurse and I am doing bladder training with a student. Your VibraLITE 3 watch is exactly what he needed to remind him to use the bathroom every hour. I will certainly recommend this watch to others. Martha W.
I commute to Boston by rail, work out in gym, work all day, run back to the gym, work out some more, and then must run to meet my evening train (or wait 1 hour for next train). Your Vibro-Watch is the perfect solution to my time-critical day !!! I may not need all 12 alarms, but since I can only work out so long before I HAVE to shower, dress and leave for work from the gym, I may indeed use most of the 12 alarms. I'm delighted to have found your products online. Whenever anyone asks about my watch, I am happy to share your bedwetting store online and spread praises of your products.
I purchased the Invisible Clock II to help me with a very strict medication, supplement and nutritional schedule. It seemed to be the only way to keep me on track. You sent it immediately and it works exactly as it says. Unfortunately, I misplaced the instructions and couldn't imagine how I'd manage. I found the instructions on your website, so you've saved me again! Thanks for supplying products that help us maintain our lives and for such excellent customer service. Hank T.
This Malem vibrating watch allows my mentally challenged sister to remain independent.Taking her medicine on time had become an issue until she started using her vibrating watch. Thanks very much for this life saving product.