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The Rodger® Bedwetting App

Rodger App

The New Rodger® bedwetting app lets you easily track your child's progress and allows you to set up reward milestones that will help your child achieve dryness.

This app will encourage small steps of progress as most bedwetters take on average 8-16 weeks to get to dryness. It can be frustrating and discouraging to not see the immediate dry nights, but slightly dryer nights mean you are on a path to end bedwetting for good. 

1) Simply download the app from the google or apple store, depending on your device.

Apple Rodger Bedwetting App 

2) Open and enter YOUR name and email. It will then ask you to enter your child's information. If you are doing this for more than 1 child, you will be prompted after you enter the first child's information.

3) If you would like to use the reward feature, make sure you turn on "Reward motivation" and fill out the rewards you want to offer. Examples of rewards: Go get ice cream, go to the movies, have a movie night home, pick out a book. These rewards are given out for every badge your child earns. Below is the list of how/when they receive awards.

Reward system

4) Start recording your progress. Every morning, record if it was dry night or a wet night. If it was wet night, record how wet it was.

5) As your child progresses, blue, dark yellow and light yellow circles appear on the calendar. As progress is made, your child will earn badges and if you decided to input rewards, they will also get notification of the reward that they earned. In addition, you and your child will be able to see a wider view of their progress by looking at the calendar section of the app.