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Malem Vibro-Watch Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Your Malem Vibro-Watch

Vibro Vibrating Reminder Watch

1. My child has daytime wetting and his urologist wants him to go to the bathroom every 2 hours. Can this watch be set to go off every 2 hours?

Yes, the Vibro-Watch can be set to vibrate every 2 hours by using one of two functions. You can either set the 12 specific alarms for specific times throughout the day that are two hours apart, or you can set the Auto-Repeat timer for any interval you choose (i.e. every 2hrs). We recommend using the 12 specific alarms, as this function allows more flexibility in setting times and requires less maintenance once the alarms are set.

2. My child wets the bed during the night. Can I use the Vibro-Watch for nighttime wetting?

The Vibro-Watch is not intended to awaken your child at night. Watches are not intended for use during the night because they do not respond to the child’s actual need to empty his bladder as bedwetting alarms do. Some practitioners will have your child use the watch for voiding reminders during the day with the purpose of treating your child’s nighttime wetting. But again, the watch is for use during the day, not the night.

3. My child needs to be reminded to go to the bathroom at specific times while she is at school. Can this watch be set for specific times?

Yes, the Vibro-Watch can be set to vibrate at up to 12 specific times throughout the day (using the Specific Time Vibrating Alarm setting). This provides flexibility, so that the alarm times can be tailored to school/activities schedules, while also providing the ability to select exact times for the watch to vibrate, unlike interval countdown watches. point

4. Where are the instructions for the Malem Vibro-Watch?

The instruction manual is located on the inside of the packaging sleeve that the watch comes in. Cut the sleeve open along the dotted line to access the instructions.

5. Can the Vibro-Watch be set to beep instead of vibrate?

No, the Vibro-Watch is a vibration-only watch. It cannot be set to beep.

6. I have already set the time on my Vibro-Watch and now I need to set the alarms. What setting do I use?

To set the individual alarms, use section 6 in your instructions: 12 Specific Time Vibrating Alarm setting. To set the interval timer, use section 5 in your instructions: Periodic Auto-Repeat Timer setting. Do not forget to activate the set alarms.

7. Can I use both the Auto-Repeat Timer AND the Specific Time alarms at the same time on my Vibro-Watch?

No, these two settings cannot be used simultaneously. While they can both be set, only one will function at a time. A curved arrow symbol will appear when the Auto-Repeat mode is activated, and a megaphone symbol will appear when the Specific Time mode is activated. To toggle between these two modes, follow the directions in section 7 of your instructions.

8. I set the Auto-Repeat Timer on my Vibro-Watch, but the watch didn’t vibrate when it was supposed to. What does this mean?

This may mean that your Repeat Timer is not activated. If this mode is activated, you should see a curved arrow symbol displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your watch screen. If this symbol is not displayed, follow the instructions in section 7 of your instruction manual to turn on the “TR” mode.

9. I set the Specific Time Vibrating Alarm on my Vibro-Watch, but the watch didn’t vibrate when it was supposed to. What does this mean?

This may indicate that your alarms are not activated. First, make sure that the megaphone symbol is displayed on the upper right-hand side of your watch screen. If this symbol is not displayed, follow the instructions in section 7 of your manual to turn on the “AL” mode. If the megaphone IS displayed but your watch still does not vibrate, you will need to activate each specific alarm time individually. To do this, press the “M” button three times to get to the alarm mode. Then, for EACH alarm that you would like to activate, press the “C” button to display a (((*))) symbol. When this symbol appears on the upper right-hand side of the screen, this alarm is activated. Remember to repeat this process for each alarm that you would like to activate (press the “S” button to advance to the next alarm).

10. Does this watch come in a smaller size?

No, the Vibro-Watch is not available in a smaller size. All vibrating watches require a standard size watch face in order to house the battery and motor required for vibration.

11. The watch is too big for my 4 year old. How can I make it small enough for her?

Most parents find that simply punching an extra hole in the watch band makes the watch fit a much smaller wrist.

12. How long will the watch vibrate after it has been activated?

The watch will vibrate for 15 seconds once it has been activated.

13. How do I stop the watch from vibrating?

When the alarm is triggered, it will vibrate for 15 seconds and stop on its own. If you prefer to stop the vibration more quickly, simply press any button and the watch will stop immediately.

14. How do I ensure that my child will respond to the watch when it vibrates?

Make sure that your child allows the watch to vibrate for the full 15 seconds when it goes off. This lengthy vibration is difficult for children to ignore and gives them time to respond by making their way to the restroom, whereas a shorter vibration is much more easily forgotten during school or other daytime activities.

15. My Vibro-Watch is not vibrating for 15 seconds like it is supposed to. Instead it is vibrating for only about 1-2 seconds. What does this mean?

This means that you have the hourly chime set instead of the specific alarms or the auto-repeat timer. When the hourly chime is set, the watch will vibrate for approximately 2 seconds on the hour, every hour. The “bell” symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the watch display will appear when the hourly chime is set.

16. I am replacing the watch batteries regularly. Is there a reason why this may be happening?

Battery life varies based on the frequency of alarms. Vibration causes the biggest drain on the battery, so the more often the watch vibrates, the more quickly the batteries will run down. In general, the batteries should last for approximately 2 months. If you plan on using the Periodic Auto-Repeat Timer Setting instead of the Specific Time Alarms, it is a good idea to stop the Timer when the child is not wearing the watch to conserve battery power.

17. What type of battery should I use to replace my old Vibro-Watch battery?

The Vibro-Watch takes one lithium CR2032 battery.

18. Where can I find replacement batteries?

Replacement CR2032 batteries can generally be found at any super store or tech-oriented store that carries batteries for cameras, calculators or computers. Replacements can also be purchased directly from the Bedwetting Store if you have trouble finding them elsewhere.

19. How do I replace the battery in my Vibro-Watch?

Replacing the battery is easy to do with the twist-off battery cover. Using a coin or similar object (a large washer works well and can be found very affordably at a hardware store), carefully twist the battery cover counter-clockwise and pull open. Remove the old battery and insert a new one, making sure to observe the correct polarity (Plus side UP). When removing the battery cover and inserting the new battery, make sure the sealing “O” ring remains in place around the battery compartment opening. Make sure the new battery is inserted so that it makes contact once and NOT several times as this may corrupt the display. Once the new battery is in place, replace the battery cover and twist clock-wise to close. If the display is blank or corrupted, remove the battery, press all four buttons at the same time for five seconds then release then place the battery back in the compartment.

20. I have had my watch for a couple of months, but now the vibration isn’t working anymore. What does this mean?

This generally indicates that the batteries are weak and need to be changed. Because the vibration requires the largest amount of battery power, this function is generally the first to go when the battery reaches the end of its life.

21. I just started using my Vibro-Watch again after storing it for several months, and now it isn’t working. How can I fix it?

This generally indicates that the batteries need to be changed. After removing the original battery, press all four settings buttons at once. After pressing the settings buttons, replace the battery.

22. Is the Vibro-Watch waterproof?

No. The Vibro-Watch is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water or worn in pools, baths, showers, etc. While the watch will sustain minor splashing from activities such as hand-washing, we recommend that the watch stay as dry as possible to ensure its proper functioning.

23. What is the warranty on the Vibro-Watch?

The Malem Vibro-Watch warranty covers manufacturing defects for one year from the date of original purchase. It does NOT cover battery, glass, straps or damage caused by water, abuse or misuse. Warranty service is handled directly by the Bedwetting Store. For warranty service, contact us by phone at 800.214.9605 or 301.774.1495, or FAX 301.774.7982.