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Washable vs Disposable

Washable vs Disposable

Families have unique and differing needs. We carry an extensive line of both washable and disposable bedwetting products for children and adults of all shapes and sizes. Many families find that products from both categories will provide discreet and economical wetting protection.

Different product types suit certain people and certain situations better. It is recommended for users to understand their own needs and requirements when purchasing aids for incontinence.

Washable briefs: These are absorbent, machine washable, and look just like regular underwear. Customers can choose from styles for girls, boys, teens, and adults. These styles are specially designed for either daytime use or nighttime use, and are sold in various sizes to accommodate nearly all users

Disposable Briefs: Commonly known as "pull-ups," disposable briefs are highly absorbent. Disposable briefs are breathable, cloth-like bedwetting pants that are great for nighttime or daytime protection and cut down on your laundry volume. They come in different sizes and designs for children and adults. Check out the wide selection of daytime adult briefs and daytime briefs for children. The daytime briefs discreetly fit underneath clothing and give the user protection throughout a normal day. Nighttime disposables for adults and nighttime disposables for children are also available for users who need protection at night.

Benefits of Washables

  • Save money over buying disposables
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Appearance of regular underwear, especially around the waist
  • Can increase absorbency with booster pads
  • Available in different colors, sizes, and styles

Benefits of Disposables

  • Less bulky
  • No laundry needed
  • More absorbent
  • Fit is less important since leg openings are elasticized
  • Best for travel