Rubber Sheets for Bed wetting

19 Mar

Rubber sheets have been used for many years to protect mattresses from bed wetting, other moisture and dust. Now days, there are several fantastic alternatives that are more comfortable and durable.

Vinyl covers
If you want a cover that can simply be wiped clean, vinyl seems to have replaced rubber as a lightweight, inexpensive, effective mattress protection. Not only do these vinyl covers protect your bed from urine, but other fluid spills, dust mites and bed bugs. A fitted vinyl cover protects the top and sides, whereas a zippered cover protects all surfaces of the mattress and is necessary for dust and bed bug protection. It is also handy if you’re storing a mattress for any length of time.

A heavy duty 6G vinyl is worth a few more dollars because it is thicker, less apt to tear and will last longer. The disadvantage of using a rubber or vinyl cover is that it doesn’t allow the body heat to dissipate so some users report that they sweat more in the nighttime unless another absorbent mattress pad is used on top.

Polyurethane covers
A newer, more high-tech polyurethane mattress cover is breathable and more comfortable for sleeping. With a terry-cloth top bound to the waterproof polyurethane layer, this cover can even be slept on directly. Available in both a zippered and a fitted style, this lightweight and durable cover can be laundered in the same load as the sheets. Backed by an amazing 10-year warranty, these covers are designed to last!

Rubber and flannel protective sheet
Flannel fused to rubber makes these sheets soft and comfortable next to the skin, as well as less slippery on the sheets. This non-allergenic, synthetic rubber makes them perfect for those with latex allergies. Machine wash and air dry.

Anchor band mattress pad
This popular waterproof anchor band pad covers the entire top mattress surface and stays in place with an elastic anchor band in each corner. Easy to put on and take off, it fits any depth mattress, including sofa beds or irregular shaped beds. Another great option for protecting your mattress!

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2 thoughts on “Rubber Sheets for Bed wetting

  1. HI
    I would be interested in one of these for my mother.
    what price is one of these for a single bed.
    she is having a lot issues with regards to accidents in the bed.
    have tried different sheets not working.
    what price is this please

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