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Alarms for Caregivers Who Need to Be Alerted

Recommended Products for Special Situations

  • Malem Bed-Side Bedwetting Alarm

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    The Malem Bed-Side bed wetting alarm provides more options than any other bed-side unit on the market. Features include the ability to choose one of eight loud tones, or to record your own. You no longer need to pay several hundred dollars more to purchase a quality bed-side unit. We recommend using a draw sheet (i.e. fold a cotton sheet in half and tuck it under each side of the mattress) or a large towel to hold the flexible pad in place. This will keep the pad securely in place under your child.

  • Wet Call Bedwetting Alarm

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    A less expensive pad type alarm than the Malem Bed-side with good basic features. Requires pressure and wetness to trigger alarm. Child must be positioned on top of pad when wetting occurs. If child moves around frequently while sleeping, a wearable bed wetting alarm that moves with them might be a better choice.

I need to be alerted when my loved one needs to be changed.

Caregivers sometimes need an alert to know when their child or adult patient is wet. Several moisture-sensing alarms work well for this purpose.

The Malem Toileting Alarm is designed to have the receiver placed in the caregiver’s room. No sound is made in the child or patient’s room. This alarm can also monitor several rooms at once.

The Malem Bedside or Wet Call bed mat is placed on top of the sheet to detect wetness. It is covered with a draw sheet or towel and remains comfortably in place to detect moisture.

The DRI-Eclipse small wireless sensor is placed inside a disposable pant to detect wetness and trigger the sound unit (receiver).

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