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Recommended Alarms for Girls Ages 12+

Quick Statistics & Symptoms

  • 1-6% of teens wet nightly
  • 85% chance of still wetting in 1 year without treatment
  • 72% of children have improved self-esteem after treatment
  • Bedwetting alarms are effective, even in teens

Usual Signs & Symptoms

  • Deep sleeper
  • Sleeps through wetting
  • Wants to be dry

When to Treat

  • Anyone who is not dry every night
  • Embarrassed, may hide sheets
  • Misses sleepovers or makes up excuses
  • Worried he will never stop
  • If affected parent didn’t stop bedwetting until older

Treatment Considerations

  • Families who shop with us get access to all Bedwetting Store resources and support from our team
  • Typical treatment time is 8-12 weeks
  • May take longer in teens
  • Alarms with multiple sounds allow choice
  • Pick sound that wakes him best
  • Parents ensure proper response of getting up
  • Teens learn to spontaneously wake to full bladder
  • Treatment Kits contain everything you’ll need to begin
  • All-In-One treatment Kids offer the best chance of success!
  • Wired alarms, like Malem Ultimate, allow the child to wear his own underwear
  • Wireless alarms are easiest for kids to use alone because there is no worry about sensor placement
  • Dri Eclipse is the only alarm compatible with children’s disposable underwear

Additional Information

      Your Success Matters! Families who shop at the are more successful in achieving dryness. LEARN MORE