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BEDWETTING STORE 2015 DESIGN A MASCOT SCHOLARSHIP $1,000 Design a Mascot Scholarship

At the Bedwetting Store, our number one product is the bedwetting alarm—a safe, effective, drug-free way to help children overcome bedwetting. We also sell waterproof bedding, briefs, stain removers, and books about bedwetting. The problem is, people usually don’t want to talk about these things. Although bedwetting is a very common problem for families, it’s also an embarrassing one.

That’s why we’re asking you to help us design a mascot who’s friendly and will make the subject of bedwetting or enuresis easier to approach and talk about. If your design wins, you’ll be awarded a $1,000 scholarship. To apply simply:

  1. Tell us the name and basic concepts of the mascot.
  2. Draw the mascot.

That’s right, no boring essays or long application forms required! Just have fun, and be creative.

Selection Process

The Bedwetting Store team will review all entries and select a winner based on how strong the mascot concept is, and how good the drawing/design is. The winning entry will be featured right here on this page on January 31. The $1,000 scholarship will be sent directly to the winner’s school to be used toward his or her tuition.

Entry Deadline

December 31, 2015

  • Open to incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students.
  • Applicant must be a legal US resident enrolled in an accredited US college, university, or technical school.
  • Email your concept and drawing to Please include your full name, contact information, school year, and college acceptance letter or transcript.
  • Drawings can be created electronically or by hand. For hand drawn designs, please submit a scanned image file.
  • By submitting your piece, you grant us the right to display it on our website and potentially to use the piece and/or the mascot you created in our marketing.

The Bedwetting Store is proud to serve the millions of families who seek information and practical solutions to help children stop bed wetting. Since our start in 2000, we have become one of the largest distributors of enuresis products in the United States, and guided tens of thousands of children—and adults—down the path to permanent nighttime dryness. We offer a wide assortment of quality medical products at discounted prices. You’ll find our information at your child’s pediatrician’s office, in many popular parents magazines and on the Web, of course. The Bedwetting Store is America’s one-stop shop for bedwetting solutions and waterproof bedding.

Congratulations to our scholarship winner!

Joslyn Nedeau: Captain Siren Joslyn Nedeau: Captain Siren