Clip Sensor for Clippo Alarm

  • Positioning: Clips to outside of underwear
  • Pairs with: Clippo Alarm
  • Details: Can be used as a replacement part or as a spare

The Clip Sensor for the Clippo Bedwetting Alarm clips to the outside of your child’s own close fitting underwear. One sensor is included with each new Clippo alarm, but you can purchase additional sensors here if you have damaged or misplaced the original - or just want to have a spare on hand at your home.

Manufacturer Rodger
Warranty 90 days on sensor
Sensor Type Clippo Sensor
Color White
Sensor Dimensions 31 inches long; Clippo Sensor - 1.25 x 0.6 x 0.25 inches
Shipping Weight 2 oz. (View shipping rates and policies)
Care Instructions

Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush every few days to remove urine residue.

WARRANTY 90 days on sensor
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Cord - 31" ; Clippo Sensor - 1.25 x 0.6 x 0.25 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
This has been disappointing for us/an unusual situation

We have been using it on a 13 year old, 130# boy. We have had to replace the clip once under warranty and once where we have had to pay for it.

Good replacement part

We had to buy a replacment for our original clip because when our kids tried to take the alram off themselves, they pulled it by the wire and after a while the wires came lose and it didn't work. We ordered 2 replacment clips and they seem sturdier and more durable then the last ones.

It works! Got my 7 year old to be dry!

It stopped our wetting problems for our 7 year old, it was amazing. I was glad I read the reviews and the suggestions, as the first week it didn't wake my kid, he wanted to have it on the various 8 sounds. The 2nd week we switched to just 1 tone so he could learn the sound. On the third week, he was still a heavy sleeper so I slept in his room every night to help wake him when the alarm sounded. By the 4th week, he was started to get the hang of it, by the 5th week he was dry and has been dry for 2 months now every single night. Don't give up on it, because what is the alternative? It works if you stick to it. It was worth it as we've been trying lots of things since age 5 and having both of us parents being bed wetters we knew the odds were against our now 7 year old. He is so much more confident being dry on his own each night. Now his younger brother is using the alarm and while he isn't dry, it wakes him every night so we don't have to change clothes or sheets and that is worth it!

Happy with replacement part

My son was frustrated with the alarm & ripped out the cord. I asked customer service if there was a replacement piece- they gave me the exact part I needed & I ordered it. Three nights later, we haven't had to use it again! This is the only thing that has worked for my son!

Reordering of the Clip Sensor

We ordered an updated clip since when we started using the product a year ago, he had disconnected the clip one night and pulled the covering back so the wires were exposed. When we began to try again with the sensor to move to EVERY night dry, the new sensor was improved and more secure at the wire connection location.