Clip Sensor for Dry-Me Alarm

  • Positioning: Clips to outside of underwear
  • Pairs with: Dry-Me Alarm
  • Details: Can be used as a replacement part or as a spare

The Clip Sensor for the Dry-Me Alarm has the advantage of being able to clip and anchor to the outside of any close fitting underwear for boys or girls. One sensor is included with each new Dry-Me Alarm, but you can purchase additional sensors here if you have damaged or misplaced the original - or just want to have a spare on hand at your home.

Dry-Me Alarms have a convenient modular plug (just like your telephone connector) to allow you to change sensors.


The unique design of this Easy-Clip sensor securely fastens to cloth. It is not easily pulled off and would alert the wearer if this did happen. It should not be used with disposable pants.

The clear phone jack end of the sensor is not designed to be pulled on to turn the alarm off. The correct way to turn off the alarm is to lift the sensor lever and push the reset button. If the phone jack end breaks, it may indicate that the alarm is not being silenced correctly.