Disposable Youth Absorbent Underwear

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  • Usage: Great for older children and teens suffering from bedwetting
  • Appearance: Discreet and comfortable fit that easily disappears under boxer shorts or pajamas, white, cloth-like style looks and feels like underwear
  • Laundering: Disposable
  • Capacity: Leak barriers and super-dry core provide lasting overnight protection
  • Details: Significant savings over brand names
Size Chart
Size Item Code Weight/Hip Case Quantity Case Price Pack Price
Small/Medium 70073A 38 - 65 lbs 4 packs of 17 (68 ct.)
Case Each
$68.95 $1.01
Pack Each
$19.95 $1.17
Large/X-Large 70074A 60 - 125 lbs 4 packs of 14 (56 ct.)
Case Each
$68.95 $1.23
Pack Each
$19.95 $1.43

Disposable youth underwear are a comfortable and easy solution for children who have outgrown diapers but still need wetness protection. The cloth-like pull on pants have a soft elastic waistband and plain white unisex design that looks like real underwear. The super-dry absorbent material does not crinkle under clothing. The soft stretchable sides are waterproof, tear away for easy removal, and feature leak barriers at the leg openings.

Note: Size X-Large has been consolidated into the previously "Large" size, so if you previously purchased the X-Large size you will now need to purchase Large/X-Large.


Disposable youth underwear are great for helping kids stay comfortable when they have nighttime wetting. These underwear do not have the juvenile designs found on other retail brands. Since they are specially designed to be discreet, children can accept overnight invitations and go to camp without worry.

Until the time is right to tackle bedwetting with an alarm and transition to cloth underwear, use disposable underwear to protect your bedding and your child's self-esteem. Save money by buying by the case, delivered directly to your door. These plain white youth overnight pants cost 30 to 46 cents less per pant than GoodNites brand!

Manufacturer Covidien Medical Supplies
Color White
Product Size See size chart
Features Latex Free
Shipping Weight
  • Pack – 4 lbs.
  • Case – 16 lbs.
Shipping Information Cases are shipped from the manufacturer and may have product name on shipping box. (View shipping rates and policies)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

My son is too big for the children's largest size of briefs and too small for mens briefs sold in store. He was so happy when I found this site and that they are true to size.

waste of money

My son will not wear them. They are too uncomfortable. The size is right - in between the XL youth and the XS adult, but if your child has sensitivity issues with clothing, they will not tolerate these. Very ""crispy-crunchy"", as my son puts it. Wish that wasn't the case... we need to find something!

Good but not Great

I am the Mother of a 19 year old special needs Kid. He is 5'4"" and 98 pounds. The diaper was discreet and soft but the sides tore easily when you pulled up the diaper and the med was a little too small. The large on the othe hand rise was too long and the leg holes too big. Didn't work for my Kiddo

My Review On The Youth Pants

Some people say that the Youth Pants look like a white Goodnite but it really depends on the size. I think if you get a medium or large it will turn out looking like a white Goodnite but im not sure. When I wore the Youth Pants walking home from school and geting changed into a new one, the Youth Pants burst, pooring all over my pants, legs, and the floor. Thats why iv rated the Youth Pants a two. I guess its because im such a heavy wetter and wore it through out the day, they did so. Bottom Line I put Yes, I would still recommend this to a friend, but just not to someone 10 or over. Im a 13 year old girl turring 14 in may and iv tried many different diapers that hold beeter than these. Other than pooring all over my legs, pants,and the floor these are ok. The best thing about the Youth Pants to me, is packaging, feel, fit, and looks.

So grateful

I love these pants! We unfortunately need the XL, and I've not found ANYTHING else out there in this size. Depends XS are shaped for an adult and don't fit. They sure beat several loads of laundry each week! One complaint: When these arrive in the mail, we have to whisk them away quickly so that the package is not seen sitting on our porch, because the box is clearly labeled in big, bold letters. My daughter was mortified the first time we ordered when we realized we had left the box on the porch to be seen by brothers and neighbors. I have emailed BWS and they are unable to do anything about this as the box comes directly from a manufacturers' warehouse.