DRI Eclipse Wireless Bed wetting Alarm

  • PERFECT FOR PULL-UPS- Unlike most bedwetting alarms, the Dri Eclipse was designed to work with pull-ups, making clean-up easy and efficient. Simply place the discreet, wireless Urosensor inside a pull-up or small pad.
  • NO WIRES FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT - The Dri Eclipse has no annoying wires to contend with and doesn’t require your child to wear an alarm unit, making it ultra comfortable!
  • CHILD MUST GET UP TO SWITCH ALARM OFF - The loud 3" alarm receiver can be placed anywhere in your child’s room, ensuring they get up out of bed when the alarm sounds.
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY - The sensor includes a sealed battery that never needs to be replaced.
  • SUPPORT FOR PARENTS - Comes with unlimited access to our Bedwetting Expert Customer Service and all Bedwetting Store resources.

The DRI Eclipse wireless bed wetting alarm system is an easy-to-use alarm that works without wires. A small battery operated Urosensor is worn by your child to bed. When your child wets, the sensor detects the urine and transmits a signal to a small receiver that emits a loud chirping noise to alert you and your child. The Urosensor (urine detector) can be used with a mini pad, pull-up or sandwiched between two pairs of underwear. Simply cut a slit in the mini pad or pull-up and slide the Urosensor in place.

The bedwetting alarm's receiver is placed on a table or night stand so your child must get up and get out of bed to switch the sound off. The alarm emits a loud chirping sound from the receiver. The volume can be adjusted from inside the battery compartment. An on/off switch on the side of the receiver allows you to control the unit.

The wireless Urosensor should not need replacing because it has no moving parts and is fully sealed, eliminating the risk of urine getting inside. The internal battery will last two to three years. However, it may be damaged if it is put through the washer and dryer (the static electricity of the dryer can cause damage) so make sure it has been removed from the underwear before washing.


The DRI Eclipse Urosensor is suitable to use in a pull-up or minipad. Simply cut a 1 inch slit on the inside of pad or the pull-up in the crotch area. Insert the point of the scissors into the slit, and moving the scissors from side to side, make a small tunnel into which you can insert the detector. To make sure that the Urosensor stays in place, it can be useful to tape across the slit once you have put the detector inside. The covering layer of some pullups and minipads are designed to keep the user dry, and if the Urosensor is placed just under that layer, it may not trigger. It is best to insert the Urosensor under the layers of the absorbent material so that they will become wet and press onto the Urosensor.

Alternative placement is to use underwear with double fabric in the front fly area. Cut a slit in the outside layer toward the crotch and insert the Urosensor inside with the black sensing strip facing the user. Note: Wrapping the Urosensor in a tissue before insertion can help the wetting to be detected more quickly. Another option is to wear two pairs of close fitting underwear and put the Urosensor, wrapped in a tissue or not wrapped, between the two pairs. (More extensive placement instructions)

Manufacturer Anzacare
Alarm Type Sound with volume control
Alarm Warranty 6 months
Sensor Type Sensor inserted in mini-pad or panty liner
Sensor Battery Non-replaceable sealed battery that lasts 2 to 3 years
Receiver Battery One Panasonic 2354 or equivalent
Color Orange and black
Urosensor Dimensions 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.35"
Receiver Dimensions 3.0" x 1.5" x 0.75"
Shipping Weight 8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Instruction Manual DRI Eclipse Instruction Manual
DRI Eclipse Urosensor Tips
Care Instructions Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush every few days to remove urine residue.
WARRANTY 6 months warranty on alarm
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 3.0" x 1.5" x 0.75"; Sensor: 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.35"

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Steady and continued progress each week, loving it!

My child is almost 6 and a very heavy sleeper, no matter what we tried would always wake up with a wet pull-up in morning. Started talking to her doctor and he suggested the bedwetting store. After looking at everything decided on this alarm to try. First week alarm would go off 2x a night and I would go into her room to wake her up to use bathroom, she slept through the alarm, so I did not have very good expectations but kept going with it. 2nd week first couple night only went off 1x each night. Halfway through that week alarm went off and I got up to find her up and already in bathroom. We are in 3rd week now and have had 4 nights in row of no alarm going off and completely dry pull-ups. Amazing just stick with it! It works!!!!

Should have done this sooner!

Product worked within the first two weeks. My child is a sound sleeper and just wasn't able to recognize he needed to use the bathroom. In a short period of time my child responded quickly to the alarm and stays dry the entire night! Win for everyone! My childs confidence has soared.

Worked in 6 weeks

There seemed to be no end in sight for my 10-year-old, who routinely filled an overnight pull-up and even leaked once every few weeks. We wrapped the sensor in a square of toilet paper and put it in his pull-up. There was a little optimization involved because if he was still damp from a shower, the alarm would go off, and there was one time when it didn't go off, perhaps because the sensor had slipped out of the toilet paper. Anyway, the first couple of weeks, he was very groggy when the alarm went off, but over the next few weeks, he got to the point where he was almost awake when it went off and then he was awake and starting to get out of bed just when it went off, and then he woke up on his own when he had to go. He went 14 days without the alarm going off, so we stopped using it. He now reliably wakes up when he needs to go, and we are finally done with pull-ups! Although he was reluctant to use it at first, he now wishes we had tried it years ago. The whole process took about six weeks.

Stopped working after the first night.

Stopped working after the first night. So upsetting consider how much I paid.


I purchased this alarm based on a recommendation from my 6 year old daughters pediatrician. She has never been able to stay dry for more than a night, but has no issues during the day. We began using the alarm about 4 weeks ago. It took 6 straight nights of the alarm going off 1-2 times a night before we had an entire dry night! For the next 4-5 days (in the second week) I think the alarm went off 2 different nights. And ever since then, she has stayed dry! Being able to ditch the pull-ups at night has been a huge confidence booster for her. She is so proud of herself! This alarm is definitely VERY sensitive. If my daughter had bathed right before putting on the pull up with the alarm, it always went off, even if she tried to dry completely off. We just learned to give a little time between bathing and putting on the pull-up for the night so she was totally dried off. The alarm was easy for her to turn on and off herself. It was loud enough to wake her up, but didn't scare her. I would definitely recommend this alarm! She was completely dry every night, in under 2 weeks!