GoodNites Absorbent Nighttime Pants

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  • Usage: Custom protection zones to give boys and girls specific protection just where they need it plus odor control to conceal accidents
  • Appearance: Trim fit that easily disappears under boxer shorts or pajamas. Truck, skate and chopper print for boys; heart, monkey and butterfly print for girls
  • Additionals: Available in packs or money-saving cases, convenient home delivery
Size Chart
Size Item Code Children's Weight Case Quantity Case Price Pack Price
Small/Medium 30721 (Boys) & 30712 (Girls) 38 - 65 lbs. 2 packs of 24 (64 ct.)
Case Each
$66.95 $1.04
Pack Each
$34.95 $1.09
Large/Extra Large 30713 (Boys) & 30714 (Girls) 60 - 125 lbs. 2 packs of 24 (48 ct.)
Case Each
$66.95 $1.39
Pack Each
$34.95 $1.45

GoodNites underpants are the leading brand of overnight disposable briefs. They have kid-like designs: for boys, a cool drag racer design and for girls, a neat pixie print. These briefs are just like regular underwear with the same trim fit!

GoodNites provide cloth-like comfort with superb protection throughout the night, with centralized protection zones just where they need it. Odor control provides another layer of protection from nighttime accidents by neutralizing the odor so that smells won’t give away accidents. And finally, they provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll wake up in a clean, dry bed and no wet sheets to change in the middle of the night.

Please Note: Actual design on underwear may differ from what is pictured above.


Disposable nighttime briefs are great for helping young children stay comfortable when they have nighttime wetting. We recommend bedwetting alarms for school-aged children, but for the younger children who need nighttime protection, GoodNites are a great solution. Not recommended for use with bedwetting alarms.

Manufacturer Kimberly–Clark
Color White with Print
Product Size See size chart above
Features Latex Free
Shipping Weight
  • Pack – 3 lbs.
  • Case – 9 lbs.
Shipping Information Cases are shipped from the manufacturer and may have product name on shipping box. (View shipping rates and policies)
Returns Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase on unopened packages only.
Care Instructions Dispose of properly
MANUFACTURER ITEM CODE 6941313, 6941314, 6941315, 6941316

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
I love them day and night

I use it all the time, 'cause I'm incontinent, they're great !

I would buy this product again

My granddaughter uses this product for overnight use, she has nocturnal enuresis

Would buy again

I'm a 17 year old boy and still wet the bed every night. Goodnites are great and help me get through the night peacefully. Even when they are wet it is hard to tell. There have been mornings where I wake up and can hardly tell that my goodnite is wet. They are comfortable and the designs are great. Also with the 2016 design, they are stretchier compared to the older ones.


Not a good deal.

i like

I am a 14 year old girl and wear them everynight. Its not like i wet that often but about a once a week i wake up and think ""oh good i had them on!"" A very few times it had happended that they leaked a bit bt thats okay i guess. with goodnites i can have sleepovers but i only do sleepovers with friends who know about my bedwettings because with others i would be still afraid they would find out. They are very comfy and think its still the best product when youre older and still wet the bed