Malem Multi-Choice Alarm

  • WIDE RANGE OF ALARM SOUNDS - This alarm offers 20 melodies, 8 tones, and the ability to record and play 3 different messages! 
  • RECORD YOUR OWN MESSAGE - Perfect for children who respond best to voice commands, the Malem Multi-Choice allows you to record up to 3 custom messages to be triggered individually, in sequence or randomly. 
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - The award-winning Malem Bedwetting Alarms are recommended by doctors around the world. They’ve been proven effective in clinical trials, have a 90% long term success rate, and have helped over 1 million children achieve permanent nighttime dryness!
  • PERFECT FOR DEEP SLEEPERS - By combining sound, light, and strong vibration, the Malem Multi-Choice Alarm will help wake even the deepest sleepers. Plus, they’re loud enough for parents to hear.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Choose the option that’s best for your child by selecting sound and vibration, sound only, or vibration only.
  • FREE PROGRESS CHART, INSTRUCTIONS & BATTERIES - Comes with a free chart to mark your child’s progress, simple instructions, and batteries so you can get started right away!
  • FEATURES QUICK DETECT & SECURE GRIP TECHNOLOGY - The Quick Detect sensor is triggered at the first drop of urine to alert children the moment bedwetting begins. The comfortable Secure Grip feature locks the sensor in place, unlike messy taped-on sensors which fall off at night.
  • SUPPORT FOR PARENTS - Comes with unlimited access to our Bedwetting Experts Customer Service and all Bedwetting Store resources.

Now there is a Multi-Choice Malem bedwetting alarm that has all the features-in one product! This is the perfect choice for families who want to select from any combination of stimuli to suit the needs of their child.

This alarm can:

  • Record and play 3 messages, which can be triggered individually, in sequence or randomly
  • Be selected to play 1 of 20 programmed popular melodies
  • Play 1 of 8 programmed sounds designed to wake the deepest sleeper
  • Vibrate with the sounds or vibrate only
  • Light up only-to notify caregiver or light up when the sounds play

Larger in size than the other Malem wearable alarms, the alarm unit still comfortably attaches to the shoulder of the nightshirt with a sturdy plastic clip. The Easy-Clip sensor attaches to the outside of your child’s close fitting underwear to quickly sense the first drop of wetness. Once activated, the alarm sounds with your pre-selected message or sound. A melody or parent’s voice can be selected for children who are concerned about the sounds. Volume control allows you to select the sound loudness. The alarm sounds until the sensor is removed from the wetness and the reset button is depressed, allowing enough time for your child to effectively respond to the alarm.


This is the only alarm that offers 33 different combinations of voice, melodies, programmed sounds and vibration. Children with special sensitivities or ones who respond better to a parent's voice or melodies would benefit from these options. Some research suggests that children respond best to their parent's voices. This alarm allows parent's recorded voice to be the stimulus to alert their child.

Manufacturer Malem Medical
Alarm Type Recordable, pre-recorded melody, pre-recorded sound, vibration, small flashing light
Alarm Warranty 1 year on alarm box, 90 days on sensor
Sensor Type Easy-clip sensor included
Battery 3 x 1.5 volt AAA alkaline (One set of 3 included)
Color MO17 - Dark Blue
Alarm Dimensions Alarm box - 2.75" x 2.75" x 1.25"
Sensor Dimensions 30" long, Easy-Clip Sensor - 1.1" x 0.5" x 0.25"
Shipping Weight 8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Instruction Manual Malem Bedwetting Alarms Instruction Manual
Progress Chart Malem Progress Chart
Troubleshooting Guide Malem Troubleshooting/FAQs
Care Instructions Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush every few days to remove urine residue.