Malem ULTIMATE Bedwetting Alarm Treatment Kit

Choose Alarm Color
Blue 1 Tone
Purple 1 Tone
Pink 1 Tone
Gold 8 Random Tone
Royal Blue 8 Selectable Tone
Camouflage 8 Selectable Tone
Magenta 8 Selectable Tone
Choose Overlay Size
  • Both sound and vibration in our most popular alarm. Combines light, sound and vibration to help even the deepest sleeper wake
  • Compact and lightweight, measuring 2 inches square and weighing just 2 oz.
  • Choose from 1 tone, 8 random tones or 8 selectable/random tones
  • Two washable waterproof overlays (choose flat or tuck-in style)
  • Our best parent resource, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness"
  • Save up to $24 over ordering items separately
  • Comes with unlimited access to all Bedwetting Store resources and support from our team. Learn More.

We packaged our most essential items together into one comprehensive Kit to meet your specific needs! Based on our customer's feedback, this really is everything that you need to get started and be successful in helping your child get to dryness.

This Treatment Kit contains the Malem Ultimate alarm, two mattress overlays and our best book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness". And the best part is that you get to choose what you need and save money over ordering everything separately!

Step 1. Pick Your Alarm. You can choose from any Malem Ultimate alarm, which combines light, sound and vibration to help even the deepest sleepers. A selection switch allows you to select sound only, sound and vibration or vibration only. The Pink, Blue or Purple Malem Ultimate alarms sound one tone each time the alarm senses moisture. The Gold Malem Ultimate provides 8 different random tones (if auditory accommodation is a concern), and the Malem Selectable allows you to choose any one sound or playing of the random sounds.

All of these alarms have both sound and vibration; the difference is the number of sounds that each alarm makes. Pure behaviorists would recommend a single tone alarm so the child can be conditioned to be alerted to the same sound. Parents who notice that their child can easily tune out the same sound find that the 8 random tone alarms work great. For both of these options (either the same tone or random tones), you can pick the Selectable alarm. The choice is yours!

All of the Malem alarms use a small, durable easy–clip sensor which clips to the outside of the underwear and senses the moisture. The thin sensor cord travels under the child's shirt and the alarm unit secures to the shoulder with a safety pin. This unit emits the sound and vibration. An easy–clip sensor is included with each Malem alarm.

Step 2. Pick Your Overlays. This kit contains two washable, waterproof overlays that lay on top of the sheet. These help with the transition from disposable pants to cloth underwear by decreasing the laundry burden! Start the night off on one overlay, and simply replace it with a clean one when your child wets. Choose from the flat overlays that lay smoothly on the sheet or the tuck–in style, with 18 inch flaps of fabric sewn on each end of the pad. These tuck–in tails allow you to secure the ends of the pad between the upper and lower mattress – nice if your child is a restless sleeper. Designate a flat or tuck–in standard (twin) or large (full) overlay, depending on the size of bed your child sleeps in. (If your child sleeps in a queen or king size bed, select the larger full overlay.)

ALSO INCLUDED in your kit is our top book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness", an essential guide for parents assisting their children in the proper use of a bedwetting alarm. It covers how to use the alarm, expected progress at each stage, how long to use the alarm plus answers hundreds of commonly asked questions.

This Treatment Kit contains everything you need to help your child achieve success – all for one low price!


The alarm included in this kit is our best combination sound/vibration alarm. It is slightly larger than the regular Malem alarm and the vibration is similar to a pager. If you are considering purchasing a similar "potty alarm," this is the alarm for you. Remember most children need help during the first few days to weeks to awaken when they wet. An auditory alarm is necessary for you to help them. The book, "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness", included in this starter kit, describes this process in detail. Our customers find they more quickly achieve success when they have everything they need- the alarm, the waterproof overlays and the best book.

Contents Alarm, two overlays, book
Alarm type Sound and/or vibration with small flashing light
Warranty 1 year on alarm box, 90 days on alarm sensor
Sensor Easy–Clip sensor included
Overlay Color White
Overlay Size Regular – 33" x 35", Large – 34" x 54"
Book 122 pages
Instruction Manual Malem Bedwetting Alarms Instruction Manual

For MO4S alarms with the Lock/SQ switch: Malem Bedwetting Alarms Instruction Manual with switch
Progress Chart Malem Progress Chart
Troubleshooting Guide Malem Troubleshooting/FAQs
Care Instructions Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush every few days to remove urine residue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 623 reviews
This alarm worked a treat for deep sleeping 9 year old.

The alarm was easy to use, woke up our 9 year old deep sleeper. He was to the point he really wanted it to work, so that was helpful. He was able to do it all himself, which would not be the case with a younger child. It only took about a week and a half to be totally staying dry through the night. The book was helpful and would be even more important with a younger child. The Pokemon card he earned every time he wore the alarm was helpful as well..

It's working!

I bought this for my nine year old son. We're in the early stages of use. It seems to be working; if he starts to pee, it goes off. The alarm/vibrate option is great, I just wish I didn't have to open the battery compartment to get to it!

Simply amazing

This is the answer to your prayers when it comes to your child and bedwetting. Well...it was for us. My son, 10 came to me because he was so embarrassed about his bedwetting. He asked me for help so we researched this product together, had a long talk about how it might be hard, and then ordered it when he said he wanted to try. The first couple of nights went great - only small to medium spots and only once (I think he barely slept though because he was scared to be startled by the noise), but then as he started to sleep more soundly the spots became larger and he had accidents twice a night. He wanted to take a break after about 2 weeks because he said he was tired of getting up and all he wanted to do was sleep, but after a long talk the next day about not giving up and staying with it for the long haul, the spots disappeared and we just reached out 28th day dry this week! He is so excited, and I cannot be any more proud. My advice: read the book, talk with your kiddo to ensure s/he is ready (I think this was a large part of our success), have him/her involved with putting the alarm on and being responsible for it every night, and keep communications open about feelings and encouragement. We had wonderful success within about 2 months. Worth the try!! :) Oh....and opt for the washable bed pads! They are worth the investment!

Working well!

We are 3 weeks into the process and my daughter has 9 dry nights in a row. The book was very helpful to understanding the process. It is definitely a process, but I was able to use the book and contact customer support when I had questions which was really amazing. We will definitely save this much money in pull-ups. Thank you!

Having some success. Hope it continues, a little too early

This product is being used by a 10 year old boy. He is very independent and like to manage on his own. So far, so good.