Nite Train'r Bedwetting ALARM - DVC

  • QUICK WETNESS DETECTION - Gender specific moisture sensor pads are uniquely shaped to fit boy’s or girl’s anatomy to ensure the fastest urine detection and increase comfort.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - The dual volume control alarm box features both high pitch and low pitch sound options. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - The lightweight plastic alarm unit attaches comfortably to your child’s shirt. 
  • NEW MESH COVERS ENSURE ACCURACY - Specially designed washable mesh covers change the sensitivity of the sensors, helping differentiate between body sweat and drops of urine to reduce false alarms. Plus, the covers add even greater comfort.
  • SUPPORT FOR PARENTS - Comes with unlimited access to our Bedwetting Expert Customer Service and all Bedwetting Store resources.  

Nite Train-r® wearable bedwetting alarms have been redesigned to be even more reliable. They are gender specific and come with moisture sensor pads which are uniquely shaped to fit boy’s or girl’s anatomy to ensure fastest detection of urine and for added comfort. The sensor pads are strategically placed inside the underwear in order to catch the first drop of urine and sound the alarm at point of contact. The alarm attaches to the shoulder of the child’s sleepwear close to the ear. This will then awaken the user to finish eliminating in the toilet.

Each sensor pad is to be used with the specially designed washable mesh covers to help reduce false alarms and add even greater comfort. The smart mesh cover program designed for the sensor pads changes the sensitivity of the alarm thereby helping to differentiate between body sweat and drops of urine. The sensor pads can instantly be wiped clean and ready to be reused in seconds.

Each Male/Female unit consists of 2 reusable moisture sensor pads, 2 mesh covers and a dual volume control electronic alarm box (high pitch or low pitch sound options) with a 9 volt battery (included), instructions for use and a progress chart. Specify male or female when ordering. Additional sensors are available in our accessories section.


The large sensor pad worn inside the underwear can be uncomfortable for smaller children. Two sensor pads may not be adequate for children who wet multiple times a night, so you may want to purchase a spare.

Manufacturer Koregon
Alarm Type Sound - 2 set volumes
Alarm Warranty 60 days
Sensor Type 2 sensors included
KNTM - Male 1 Tone
KNTF - Female 1 Tone
Battery 1 x 9 volt alkaline
Color White
Alarm Dimensions Alarm box - 2" x 2.5" x 0.75"
Sensor Dimensions Sensor wire - 25" long
  • Boy's Sensor - 6.6" x 3.7" (at widest point) x 0.1"
  • Girl's Sensor - 6.6" x 2.9" (at widest point) x 0.1"
Shipping Weight 1 lbs. (View shipping rates and policies)
Instruction Manual Nite Train'r Instruction Manual
Care Instructions Rinse sensor pads in lukewarm (not hot) water, pat with towel and hang to dry. Do not use soap or detergent.