Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness: 2nd Edition

Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness, Second Edition, provides the newest updated information and tips to help your child get to nighttime dryness. Renee Mercer, a pediatric nurse practitioner, provides guidance based on her experience with helping thousands of children become dry at night. In this easy-to-read book, she answers common questions such as:

  • Did I do something to cause this problem?
  • How long until my child outgrows bedwetting?
  • Will my child ever be able to go to a sleepover without worrying?
  • What can I do to speed up this process?

This book is a must-read for any parent with a child who is struggling to get to nighttime dryness.

This new, second edition of the most popular book on bedwetting is packed with the latest information about bedwetting and strategies to end it. This proven approach works!

You'll learn:

  • The myths of bedwetting: what causes it and what doesn't
  • Which treatment options are available and which one is best for your child
  • How to choose-and effectively use-a bedwetting alarm
  • How to know when it's time to start treatment
  • How to get your child on board
  • When to stop treatment and pronounce your child "cured"

Whether you are just beginning to investigate solutions or are at your wits' end looking for a cure, this book gives you the tools needed to change your child's life forever.


Children with bedwetting all go to bed hoping that tonight will be the night they wake up dry. After reading my book, you will be prepared with the right tools to help your child achieve this goal. This book provides detailed guidance for anyone using a bedwetting alarm. Bedwetting still affects as many children as it did 10 years ago. I have continued to learn from my patients since my first book was published in 2004. I am passing on this updated information so you can quickly and permanently help your child get to dryness.

Length 136 pages
Publisher Brookeville Media (May, 2011)
Language English
Reading Level Adult
ISBN 9780974068824
Product Dimensions 0.5" x 5.8" x 8.2"
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