Vibrating Unit for Malem Bed-Side Alarm

  • Positioning: Can be placed up to 7 feet from main alarm
  • Pairs with: Malem Bed-Side Alarm only
  • Details: Vibrating unit to provide extra stimulus when alarm sounds

This is a great accessory for the Malem Bed-Side alarm. The Malem Bed-Side alarm has two accessory ports - one for a remote sound unit and one for a vibrating device. You can place this vibrating unit under the mattress to assist in awakening when the bedside alarm is triggered by moisture. Secures with a built-in safety pin or clip located on back of unit.


This accessory can be useful for deaf children or ones who respond more easily to vibration near their head.

Manufacturer Malem Medical
Warranty 6 months
Battery 2 AA alkaline batteries (included)
Color Red and blue
Product Dimensions Remote cord - 7 ' long; Alarm Box - 2.25" x 2.5" x 0.9"
Care Instructions Wipe unit and cord with damp cloth to clean. Remove batteries when not in use.