Vibrating Unit for Rodger Wireless Alarm

  • Can be placed up to 5 feet from alarm receiver
  • Vibrating unit to provide stimulus when alarm sounds

This is a great accessory for the Rodger Wireless bedwetting alarm. The Rodger Wireless receiver has one accessory port. You can place this vibrating unit under the mattress to assist in awakening when the bedside alarm is triggered by moisture. This bed shaker unit only works if the Rodger Wireless receiver is plugged in, not while it's using batteries.

Please note: The design of the bed shaker has changed from the image depicted in the product video.


The new Rodger wireless alarms now support vibration. This accessory can be useful for deaf children or ones who respond more easily to vibration near their head. Place unit between mattress and box spring near head of bed. Works only when receiver is powered by electricity.

Manufacturer Rodger BV
Warranty 2 years
Power 12 Volt DC with 3.5 mm plug (plugs into the Rodger receiver)
Color Grey with black cord
Product Dimensions
  • Cord – 5' long
  • Vibrating Unit – 3.5" x 1.5"
Shipping Weight 6 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Care Instructions Caution: Keep cord away from small children. Secure cord away from child
  • Made in China
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Power: 12 Volt DC with 3.5 mm plug (plugs into the Rodger receiver)
  • Color: Grey vibrating unit, black cord
  • Product Dimensions: Cord - 5 feet long; Vibrating Unit - 3.5 (diameter) x 1.5 (thick) inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6 ounces

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
I would not buy this product again.

Alarm works until it is wet once, then trying to change it to a clean set of underwear, the alarm continues to activate. Nothing we have done has worked, as far as resetting it and being sure it is dry. NOT effective at all. This started the first night we used the alarm.

Don't have to buy it again as it worked perfectly!

This product was amazing!!!! My grandson who is 8 was still in nighttime pull-ups because he couldn't go more than 3 days without an accident. He was losing his self-confidence. We tried the alarm by itself over a year ago, but the parents were tired of doing linen as he still wet himself after several days before waking up to the alarm. They stopped using it. 1 year later our grandson decided he no longer wanted pull ups. With the vibrating accessory (alarm is still attached), he woke up the very first night just as he was about to have an accident. We placed the vibrating accessory under his pillow. He said it startled him too much so the next day we placed it under his mattress. Much better. In a week he was in regular pants and has not used any of the devices since then! It has been about two months now. His confidence has grown so much that he no longer wants security blankets or a night light. What a difference. Thank you so much!

What a gift

We bought the roger wireless alarm package for our 9 year old who was struggling with staying dry. It was crazy how quickly it worked for her. We literally watched her brain program and catch up to her bladder. She had a couple of wet nights and that was it. She nightly wakes up to use the bathroom without issue or worry now and she feels amazing.

Questionable Quality

We began immediately. However, for over $200, it is no more effective than setting my own alarm and waking him and taking him to the bathroom. The second monitor has worked only one night for us. One pair of the underwear are so sensitive that we cannot use them, the alarm sounds as soon as the buttons touch the prongs on the underwear - when completely dry.

Mixed feelings

We got the wireless Rodger alarm for my recently turned 7 yr old, the alarm alone wasn't waking her up so I got the vibrating alarm too. I'm only giving 3 stars because unless it is against something that lets it bounce off of to make noise (side of bed) she didn't feel the vibrations when it was under her pillow. We are on week 7 now and she has yet to have a dry night. She has gone from having 3-4 accidents to now 1 sometimes 2 but it is still exhausting for both of us. She now does get up on her own with both the alarm and vibrations that is next to her headboard so she hears it. We are going to keep at it and hope she starts having dry nights.