Waterproof Mattress Pad, Anchor Band Style

  • Usage: Absorbent, waterproof 3 layer pad protects against stains and odor causing bacteria
  • Laundering: Machine washable
  • Position: Above mattress, 2" wide elastic bands on each corner secure pad in place
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty
  • Other: Fits mattresses up to 9" deep

This is a three layer mattress pad with a vinyl waterproof barrier. Two inch wide elastic bands on each corner anchor the pad to the mattress. This pad fits mattresses up to 9” deep, offering complete waterproof protection for the top of any mattress. It is easily removed for machine washing and drying.

Size Chart
SKU Bed Size Dimensions
WM3T Twin 38" x 75"
WM3X Twin XL 38" x 80"
WM3F Full 54" x 75"
WM3Q Queen 60" x 80"
WM3K King 78" x 80"
WM3C California King 72" x 84"


This pad has all the waterproof advantages of a fitted pad, with a lightweight and easy on and off design. It can be used for thin mattresses like sofa beds or futons or expand to fit a full 9 inch deep mattress. Ideal for irregularly shaped mattresses that need waterproof protection.

Manufacturer Dry Defender
Warranty 2 years
Color White
  • WM3T - Twin - 38"x75"
  • WM3X - Twin XL - 38"x80"
  • WM3F - Full - 54"x75"
  • WM3Q - Queen - 60"x80"
  • WM3K - King - 78"x80"
  • WM3C - California King - 72"x84"
Features Two inch anchor band at each corner
Shipping Weight 3-5 lbs. (View shipping rates and policies)
Care Instructions Machine wash and tumble dry low.
MANUFACTURER ITEM CODE DD13090, DD13050, DD13080, DD13070, DD13030, DD13040
WARRANTY 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
STYLE Reusable
TYPE Mattress
DEPTH 9 in
FIT Anchor Bands

Made in China or Pakistan.

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.

Color: White.


  • Twin - 38 x 75 in
  • Twin XL - 38 x 80 in
  • Full - 54 x 75 in
  • Queen - 60 x 80 in
  • King - 78 x 80 in
  • California King - 72 x 84 in

Two inch anchor band: each corner.

Note: All vinyl emits a petroleum gas that may be an allergen to those who are hyper allergic. The petroleum gas is necessary for vinyl to be pliable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Wouldn't buy again!

Isn't waterproof.

I would definitely buy this product again.

I use it when my granddaughters stay the night to protect the mattress, just in case of any accidents. I also lay them on top of my beds. My cats love laying on the beds and this protects the overall bedding from shedding or any type of kitty accidents.

I would NEVER purchase this again

I'm not sure if this leaked and ruined my daughter's mattress after I washed it, or because it wasn't on the side it was supposed to be on to work, but if the latter is the case, who wants a product that is so easy to misuse? Both sides of the thing look identical! I even tested it before hand, and it seemed to work - I washed it once and it leaked!To top it all off, the company would't refund me in full! I'm giving this company one more chance for my business - we will see if the next product I order works - and if it doesn't (and they won't refund me) I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Very good product and service

The product is comfortable, streamlined, and performs well even while looking like a standard mattress pad - no bulk, flexible, washes very well.

Quality product

Suited out uses perfectly! Durable, washable and quiet (our shy son doesn't want people to know he needs bed protection)