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Bed Bug Prevention

September 27, 2010 2 min read

I decided to write about bed bugs today, even though bedbugs are not directly related to bedwetting. In the last few weeks, there have been many reports on television and in the newspaper about the widespread bedbug epidemic.

Bed bugs, once believed to be a historic problem in this country, are at the highest level in 50 years, most likely due to international travel.  Bedbugs quickly move from one bed to another, so they are especially difficult for homes or complexes with a large number of beds.

Fortunately, there are a variety of highly effective protective bedding products available to protect your mattresses from bed bugs. Protective bedding products prevent bedbugs from ever establishing residency in the mattress or seal them in, if they have already become a problem.

Some Bed Bugs Facts: 

Adult bugs are just less than a quarter inch long, flat and reddish brown and oval in appearance.

As bed bugs grow, they will molt or shed their shell five times and require a blood meal between each molt.

Bed bugs thrive in small crevices that may include mattresses, box springs, linen bedding and many other areas that allow them to live near a blood meal and hide in small thin cracks.

Bed bugs effectively hitch rides on luggage, shoes, and any other mobile material. One should always inspect these objects before returning home after travel.

Bed bugs are not attracted to filth and an infestation is not linked with unclean environments.

Bed bugs are most likely to be found in dwellings with high occupancy turnover.

Double Duty: Bedding for both Waterproof and Bedbug Protection

To prevent bedbugs, the protective cover must be zippered and encase all sides of the mattress, box spring and pillows. Zippered duvet covers are also available. Many of the waterproof encasements that prevent fluid stains are also effective in preventing bedbugs.

The Vinyl Zippered Encasement is the least expensive bedbug protection. . The zippered covers surround the entire mattress and pillows and the seams are electronically welded, rather than sewn. They are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. Standard 3-gauge covers are a great value and meet everyday needs. For heavy-duty quality covers, choose the thicker 6-gauge vinyl.

Premium Mattress Encasements are a breathable, comfortable option that are zipped on the mattress to prevent bedbugs. The thin terry cotton top layer is laminated to a breathable polyurethane layer and can be laundered and dried in the same load as the sheets.

Prevention is Best

When shopping for waterproof bedding for your home, consider buying products that will fully protect your mattress, from wetness, dust mites, and bed bugs. Our zippered encasement covers do just that!

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