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Bedwetting Happens: How to Protect and Clean Mattresses and Bedding

May 22, 2020 3 min read

No matter how well potty training is going, nighttime accidents do happen!  Invest in a good mattress protector to prevent bedwetting messes.  Protecting your mattress has the added benefits of decreasing dust mites, making it more impermeable to viruses such as Coronavirus, and protecting from vomit and other bodily fluids.

Here’s how to protect your mattresses and clean them if wetting does occur.

A Good Mattress Protector Prevents Wetness Stains and Messes

There are several different types to choose from.  You should use a mattress protector that is fitted and covers the entire mattress.  Make sure and measure the depth before ordering.  All of our mattress pads and covers are waterproof and machine washable.

Breathable waterproof covers are thin and lightweight, and come in zippered or fitted styles.  These can be washed in the same load as the sheets and dry quickly.  These are perfect for beds that already have a pillow top or a thick padded surface.  They do not add bulk and can be used as a permanent mattress covering so you never have to worry about allergens or ruining your mattress.

Waterproof mattress pads have a thicker top layer and add a cushioned absorbent layer.  They can also be machine washed and dried but take a little extra drying time.  The top layer and sides differ among the various styles.

Vinyl mattress covers are a cheaper alternative and do the job to protect the mattress from moisture, germs and dust.  They aren’t as comfortable to sleep on and can be hotter for the user.  They come in fitted and zippered styles, in all sizes.  They are simply wiped off with a disinfectant in the morning if an accident occurs.

Waterproof Underpads Are Also a Good Addition

These waterproof underpads are placed on top of the sheet, decreasing the amount of laundry you have in the morning.  If your child moves a lot in their sleep, choose one with tuck in sides to secure it in place.  The washable ones are environmentally friendly because they can be reused over and over again.  They are less expensive and much better than the disposable ones that end up in landfills.

Waterproof underpads are also handy to pack when travelling as an extra precaution against ruining someone else’s mattress.

Cleaning Urine From Your Mattress after a Bedwetting Accident

In the event that you're unprepared for a nighttime accident or your protective bedding fails to keep all urine away from your child's bed, you'll want to take some quick steps right away to prevent urine stains and odor. There are products that can help, but those can wait until morning. The following tips can help make the next day a little easier:

  • First, soak up as much as you can using a towel or super-absorbent cloth. You'll want to press hard, as the urine may have soaked through to the mattress.
  • After you've removed the excess urine, apply a waterproof pad or towel to the mattress so your child will be able to sleep on a dry bed until morning.
  • You might also keep some plastic bags on hand for storing soiled bedding, towels, and clothing until the morning.

The next day, you can apply a urine stain remover and give it adequate time to saturate the material and dry.

Urine contains stubborn uric acid crystals that adhere to all kinds of surfaces, including flooring. The most effective urine stain removers are designed to break these crystals down, which is the only way to successfully eliminate the smell, rather than simply hide it.

Urine-Erase and OdorZyme are two highly effective products that are made to tackle urine stains and smells. Urine-Erase, which requires two application steps, works on set-in stains and ultimately turns them into oxygen and water. OdorZyme is a one-step product that gets rid of uric acid crystals. This product is great for pre-treating urine-soaked bedding and clothing. You can keep a spray bottle of this on hand so you can treat any stains quickly.

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