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Best Waterproof Sheets

March 17, 2011 2 min read

Waterproof sheets are a necessity, whether you're a parent with young children, a pet owner, an adult who suffers from incontinence or someone who wants to protect their expensive mattress from dust and moisture. We answer questions everyday about the most durable and comfortable products to discreetly provide waterproof protection for beds in homes.

I have to heartily recommend the waterproof sheets (also known as premium waterproof covers) I use on the beds in my own home.

These waterproof sheets are superior for several reasons.

First, they are comfortable and breathable.

Unlike vinyl mattress covers, these sheets feature a polyurethane waterproof layer. That means that the heat that your body produces during the night will flow through the cover, and not be reflected back to the user. This feature allows the user to forget that there is a waterproof sheet under her.

The terry cotton top layer is comfortable enough to be slept on directly, but most people choose to put a regular set of sheets over the top.

A second feature is the choice of styles, either fitted or zippered.

If you expect to be washing the sheet very frequently, the "easy-on and off fitted waterproof sheet is recommended.

The zippered style is ideal for leaving in place to protect your mattress from occasional accidents.

Both styles are simple to machine wash and dry, and can be laundered in the same load as your regular sheets. Because there is no cushioned or filled layer, the drying time is the same as a set of sheets.

The third reason that I recommend these is the durability. If you have used a vinyl cover in the past, you may have experienced a tear or crack that happens over time.

Vinyl does lose it softness and becomes more brittle over time, making it necessary to replace frequently.

The waterproof sheets (premium mattress covers) carry a 10 year warranty, which gives you an idea of how durable they are. The softness and comfort persist, even after being laundered many times.

Although this product is initially more expensive than a vinyl cover, its durability ends up saving money in the long term. Do yourself a favor and make clean-up in your bedroom easier. Using these waterproof sheets eliminates any worry you may have when unexpected accidents occur. 

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