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Buzzer for Bed Wetting

December 21, 2010 2 min read

My friend recommended that I use a buzzer to help my son overcome bed wetting. I'm a little confused about what a buzzer is and how it works. Is a buzzer the same thing as a bedwetting alarm? isn't it a little cruel to scare my son with a buzzer when he wets? Please help me learn about bed wetting buzzers.

Bed wetting buzzer is a slang expression that is used to describe bed wetting alarms. I think this term originated when kids and parents tried to describe the sound that the original bed wetting alarms made. The older alarms made a monotone buzzing sound when they were activated. Because of newer technology, our most popular alarms use kid friendly sound chips to create the sounds that the kids choose from.

These sounds aren't frightening and sound more like toys the kids are used to playing with. Make sure your son knows there is no way the alarm can shock him or hurt him when it sounds. It's simply a reminder that he needs to get up to go to the bathroom. (To listen to a sample of sounds that Malem Ultimate alarms make, keep clicking on the icon next to the Selectable alarm when you go to this page.) Kids typically are not scared by the sounds the alarms make in the nighttime. Remember that kids are sound sleepers and often are not alerted by sounds that are not important to them.

The sound the alarm makes should be loud enough for parents to hear from their room. Parents' voices are often the best alert for children. When you hear the alarm sound, go to your son's room and remind him to get up and walk to the bathroom. Over time, he will begin to make the association between the sound, wetting and getting up to walk to the bathroom.

Two of our alarms, the Malem wireless and the Rodger wireless alarms can be ordered with 2 receivers, one for your room and one for your son's room. Play with the bed wetting alarm when you receive it. Let your son see how it sounds when it comes in contact with wetness. Have him turn it off and review what he will do in the middle of the night. Bedwetting alarms continue to be the most effective tool to help condition children to wake up instead of wetting in their bed.

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