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Can My Child Be Dry Before Summer?

April 13, 2022 2 min read

Now that spring has sprung, many families are thinking ahead to plans for the summer.  Family vacations, summer camps and sleepovers with friends are being planned.  Unfortunately, bedwetting can put a “damper” on all of these.  So families ask, “If we start some treatment now, is it possible that my child can be dry for summer?”

When using a bedwetting alarm for treatment, the average child takes 10-12 weeks to become completely dry.  Of course, each child is different and some take less time and others take more time than this.

Yes, it is possible for your child to be dry for summer activities if you start now.  Some families wait until a couple weeks before sleep away camp.  This is unrealistic and leads to frustration on everyone’s part.


Know that learning to stay dry at night is a process that takes time to achieve.

Allow a few months for complete nighttime dryness to be accomplished.

Use your bedwetting alarm long enough.  It should be used every night until 14 consecutive dry nights are achieved.  Then use it every other night for 14 more nights so your child can stay dry whether or not the alarm is there.

If you begin now, your child will absolutely be doing better than they are currently.  Consistently using the alarm from now until summer will make a big difference in their ability to wake when it’s time to use the bathroom.

Have a backup plan in place so your child can still have fun, even if they are not completely dry. Disposable pants or pads, desmopressin medication, and waterproof sleeping bag pads can be helpful.

Do not expect your child to use a bedwetting alarm when it would be embarrassing for them.  For example, he or she would not take their alarm to camps or sleepovers.  However, it should be turned on each night they are at home.

If your child needs to take a break from using the alarm for a social activity here or there, know that they can use a backup plan and resume using the alarm regularly when at home.

Choose an alarm that is easy for your child to hook up and operate.  The Rodger wireless alarm consists of easy-to-use cloth underwear, with a snap-on transmitter.  The receiver, which sounds and has a blinking red light when activated, stays plugged into the wall so your child will always know where the sound is coming from.

Know that your child may need your assistance in the beginning.  Look at your schedule and know that the first two weeks of using the alarm are the hardest.

Start now and you will be pleasantly surprised at your child’s progress by the time summer is here!

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