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Extend Wireless Alarm Battery Life

February 21, 2012 2 min read

I have a Rodger Wireless alarm and it is working so well for my 10 year old son. But it seems like the part that attaches to the underwear needs to have the battery replaced frequently. Do you have any idea how to extend the battery life?

My son usually wets once a night, gets up within a minute or so and turns off the receiver plugged into the wall. He takes off the wet underwear, usually leaves them on the floor and changes into dry underwear.

He doesn't wet a second time so does not reattach the alarm. We know when the battery needs to be replaced because the unit in the wall doesn't sound when his underwear get wet. It works perfectly when the battery is fresh.

My guess is that your son is leaving the transmitter attached to the wet underwear that is lying on his floor. Even though he turns off the receiver (wall unit), the transmitter continues to try to send signals when it senses wetness.

If it sends signals the rest of the night and next day (until it is removed from the underwear), the battery will wear out quickly. This applies to any of the wireless alarms.

A better practice is to remove the transmitter from the wet underwear immediately when the alarm sounds and you turn off the receiver. When removed from wetness, the transmitter sends no further signals and uses no energy. The battery will last much longer when your son begins doing this.

If you do need a new battery, both the Rodger and Malem wireless alarms use an A23 battery.

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