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Getting Up To the Alarm

May 15, 2009 1 min read

TT writes that her son, (9) is using a Malem alarm. Usually it goes off in the morning close to the time that he would normally get up. Since it is close to time to get up anyway, he does not seem to feel any hurry to get up and change and go to the bathroom. She wonders if he is getting any benefit from using the alarm and if there is anything she can do to encourage him to learn to stay dry?

Having the alarm sound late in the sleep cycle is actually the easiest time for the kids to respond. However, if your son is not getting up, you should go to his room and insure that his next response is that of walking to the bathroom. Remind him that no matter how tired he is, the correct response is to get up as soon as possible after the alarm sounds. I recommend that he continue to be consistent with wearing the alarm.

Over time, his body should begin to stop the flow of urine more quickly and eventually realize that he doesn't have to listen to the annoying sound at all if he gets up before the alarm sounds. I also would want to make sure that he isn't using disposable pants over the alarm. This process is much more effective with cloth underwear and the feeling of wetness.

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