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Help for Bed wetter

November 21, 2011 2 min read

Help us! My 9 year old son is so embarrassed by his nightly bed wetting. We've tried nothing to drink after dinner, walking him to the bathroom when we're awake, and even a medication that our doctor prescribed. Nothing has worked so far. What do you suggest?

The missing piece for most children with bed wetting is the ability to independently arouse from sleep to the feeling of a full bladder. Some children can do this from the time they are day toilet trained; others take longer and might need a little assistance. Bedwetting alarms speed up this development and provide a long lasting cure to the bedwetting problem.

Bedwetting alarms sense the wetness and sound to alert you and your son that he needs to wake up and walk to the bathroom. Over an average of 10-12 weeks, he will develop the ability to do this by himself. The first two weeks are the hardest and he may not even respond to the loud alarm. You should go to his room when you hear his alarm, remind him what is happening and assist him to the bathroom. He may have no urine left to empty in the toilet in the beginning. Over time, he will start having smaller wet spots in his bed and urine left to empty out when he uses the toilet. Ultimately, his body will learn to wake up to the feeling of a full bladder or hold the urine until he wakes in the morning, Providing your son with the right "tool to permanently stop his bedwetting in a few weeks will be a step in the right direction.

Most kids are cooperative and so grateful to have something that will make a difference. The Malem Ultimate alarm, which is a wearable alarm that sounds and vibrates, is popular with boys his age. The Rodger wireless is also a great choice. The sound unit is located across the room, which encourages him to get out of bed to turn it off. You might let him look at the different options, look at the alarm videos and select the color and style he would most like to use.

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