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How to Stop Bedwetting

July 14, 2011 2 min read

"I need to know how to stop bedwetting. This is becoming more of a problem for my 8 year old daughter, who recently turned down a sleepover invitation with her friends. I thought she could just wear a pull-up but she was afraid the other girls would see it. We limit nighttime fluids, make sure she goes to the bathroom at bedtime and she still wets most nights. What should we do to stop her bedwetting for good?"

Each year, 15% of bedwetters spontaneously become dry. The other 85% will continue to wet for another year or until parents do something to speed up the progress. It sounds like your 8 year old is ready for that help to stop her bedwetting. It is frustrating for kids who sleep right through the episode of wetting. In the morning, the bed or pull-up is wet and she doesn't know when it happened.

Bedwetting alarms are the solution! The moisture sensor detects the wetness and lets you know when the wetting is occurring. The alarm sounds and/or vibrates to alert you to make sure your daughter gets up to walk to the bathroom. Over time, her brain begins to make the connection of the loud sound, a full bladder and walking to the bathroom.

Take time to read a few of the reviews that other parents have written about their experience with the Malem Ultimate or the Rodger wireless or Malem wireless alarms. Many of these parents commented that they wished they had tried the alarm sooner or that they were skeptical, but the alarms worked so well.

Bedwetting alarms are an effective type of behavioral conditioning and work well for even the heaviest sleepers. The best part is that this is a permanent solution with a low relapse rate. Once your daughter learns to wake up when she has a full bladder, she can walk herself to the bathroom and be free to accept sleepover invitations whenever she wants.

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