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Malem Pad Alarm for Special Needs

November 02, 2010 2 min read

"I recently purchased the Malem Bed Side alarm for my son who has special needs. This type of alarm was perfect for my son because we could record his Dad's voice to wake him up to go to the bathroom instead of an alarm that would scare him. We were amazed at how sensitive the pad is. My son would not wear an alarm and this bed side pad was the best choice. He is so proud when he wakes up dry in real underwear not disposable pants.

I want to share this feedback from a mother of a child with special needs. I am happy that she chose the right alarm for her son. The reason that we carry such a wide variety of bedwetting alarms is that one style of alarm may work better than another, given your child and family's situation. Malem has designed two types of Recordable alarms. One is the wearable model and one is the pad style model that this mother describes. A recorded message, instead of an alarm, is a gentle solution for those who are frightened by loud sounds.

The Malem Bed Side alarm comes with a plastic mat that lies under the child. It should be covered with a towel or sheet to hold it in place and make it comfortable to sleep on. When the pad senses moisture, it plays a sound or recorded message to alert kids and parents that wetting is occurring. A pad style alarm works well if children prefer no clothing at bedtime or if the feeling of an alarm attached to clothing would not be tolerated. If your child has a special situation and you want advice on the best products for him/her, please call (800-214-9605) or email us. We want to help and we know a lot about the different solutions available.

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