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New Daytime Wetting Underwear

March 18, 2021 2 min read

We’re happy to feature a NEW Product – My Private Pocket Underwear for Girls and for Boys. These underwear feature hidden pockets on the inside to discreetly store emergency supplies and even “back-up” undies.  Designed by a young lady with Spina Bifida, she understands what it is like to struggle with incontinence and still lead a normal life. This Adaptive Clothing was designed specifically for children and teens who have special needs and/or any disabilities.

No child wants the embarrassment of wet pants, with no supplies or change of underwear available.  This underwear provides a solution!  Supplies can be loaded into the discreet pockets.  No one else knows the supplies are here and a change can be discreetly made in a bathroom stall without having to reach for a backpack or telling an adult.

Small, thin Backup Underwear are perfect for the pouch.  These come in packs of 3, pink camo for girls and green camo for boys.  They can be machine washed and used over and over.

My Private Underwear provides solutions for children and teens with:

-Daytime wetting or leaking

-Medical conditions requiring catheterization

-Irritable Bowel Syndrome

-Early menstruation, a First Period Kit

-Any condition where discreet storage is needed

One of the pockets is water-resistant and converts to a small cosmetic pouch to carry the soiled or dirty underwear.  This enables the user to take the underwear home, where they can be machine washed, rather than throw them away in the bathroom trash can.

My Private Pocket Underwear look and feel just like any other boy or girl underwear. The colorful prints are kid-friendly and friends don’t know that there is anything different about them. Machine wash and dry just like other underwear for a practical solution to any incontinence problem.


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