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NEW! Dry-Me Bed-Mat Bedwetting Alarm

May 19, 2014 2 min read

We now have a NEW Dry-Me Bed-Mat Alarm to add to our selection of Bell and Pad Alarms. Some children prefer not having an alarm attached to their shoulder or underwear.

Using a Bed-Mat alarm is a perfect solution for these children who are ready to become dry. The specialized plastic mat lies under the child, but on top of the sheet. A folded sheet or large towel covers the plastic mat to hold it in place, makes it more comfortable and decreases sensing of any sweating.

The inexpensive Dry-Me Bed-Mat combines the durability and features of the wearable Dry-Me alarm with the usability of the Malem Bed-Mat. When the first drop of urine is sensed on the pad, the alarm unit sounds and vibrates.

The alarm unit is clipped to the child's pillow or head of the bed, so it can be readily heard no matter what the sleep position. The built-in alarm vibration adds another stimulus to alert the child. To turn off the alarm, simply disconnect the sensor pad and press the reset button.

Some tips when using a Bed-Mat Alarm:

Make sure your child sleeps directly over the bed-mat.

If they sleep in a full or queen size bed, block off part of the bed so they don't roll over to the uncovered side.

Do not attach the alarm unit to your child.

When using the Dry-Me with a Bed-Mat sensor, attach the alarm to the pillow or top of the bed. Tuck the extra cord length under the folded sheet or towel.

If your child sweats heavily while sleeping, use fewer blankets, a cooler room and lighter pajamas. Sweat could cause a false alarm to occur. A towel over the plastic mat can help.

The less clothes your child wears, the more quickly the urine drops will be sensed.

A baggy t-shirt or nightgown could be used.

Static electricity, caused by dry air and acrylic or synthetic fibers, can cause a false alarm.

Use cotton blankets and leave stuffed animals out of the bed.

Follow these tips and have success with this NEW Dry-Me Bed-Mat Alarm. Remember that most children need their parents' help to get up when the alarm sounds in the beginning. 

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