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NEW: Malem Multi-Choice Alarm

December 06, 2013 1 min read

We are excited to carry the NEW Malem Multi-Choice Alarm with the most advanced technology for even faster treatment response.

This novel bedwetting treatment system allows the child and parent to choose exactly what stimulus they respond to best-- whether it is a voice recording, pre-programmed melodies, loud tones, and/or vibration and lights.

It can:

Record and play 3 unique messages, ideal for those children who respond best to their own parent's voice

Play 1-20 programmed popular melodies, when a song is a preferred alert

Sound 1-8 loud tones, for those sleepers who need a very loud sound

Vibrate with or without sounds

Light up with the sounds or light up only to notify a caregiver

This is the only alarm that offers 33 different combinations and the only one to record 3 different messages. The world renowned Malem technology plusthe multiple capabilities set this alarm apart from others we carry.

The Easy-Clip sensor is fastened to the outside of the child's underwear and the alarm unit is securely clipped to the night shirt. When wetness is sensed, the alarm plays the combination of sounds and vibration that you have selected.

This alerts your child and helps them learn that new brain-bladder connection. Your child will soon be on their way to dry nights.

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