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New Year's Resolution

January 05, 2009 2 min read

Welcome to 2009! Today, I want to talk about finding the right time to begin treatment for bedwetting. I know that families are busy, with many commitments, and that carving out a good time for a new routine and a few possibly sleepless nights is never easy. That said, I think this is a perfect time of the year to tackle bedwetting.

With holidays and travel behind us, most families are getting back in the school routine with a predictable schedule. Well-rested children with a regular bedtime seem to make better progress when using a bedwetting alarm. The first two weeks of using a bedwetting alarm are the most difficult for parents, when your involvement is needed to make sure your child is getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom when the alarm sounds. Since the kids go back to sleep immediately when returning to bed, they do not feel sleep deprived. Parents may lay awake for awhile, however, depending on where you are in your own sleep cycle. Knowing that this disturbance in your sleep is only for a couple of weeks allows most families to make it through this challenging time.

Working on conquering bedwetting at this time of the year before work and travel commitments are in full swing is easier for many families. Another advantage of treating bedwetting this time of the year is that summer camps and other vacation plans are still a few months away. The average child takes 10-12 weeks to get to dryness when using an alarm. Some children stop wetting more quickly and some take a little longer. By beginning now, your child will have ample time to get to dryness and build up the confidence necessary before sleep away situations present themselves.

Make a New Year's Resolution and let 2009 be the last year that your child has to face waking up in a wet bed. Call the Customer Care Team at the Bedwetting Store (800-214-9605) to get your questions answered or for product recommendations specially suited to your own child.

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