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Pediatric Urologist recommends Bedwetting Store to buy your alarm

March 23, 2020 2 min read

“Does a Bed-Wetting Alarm Even Work?” is the title of a recently published interview with Pediatric Urologist, Dr. Grace Hyun. We were proud to see her recommendation of to her patients as the place to buy a bedwetting alarm for their child. 

We have many alarms to choose from. We also have the expertise to guide you in your alarm selection and answer the questions you will undoubtedly have on your own child’s path to dryness.

She mentions that bedwetting alarms can be curative, meaning once you are successful with the alarm, it is almost always true that you will stay dry.  This is much different than using medications; after stopping the pills, bedwetting restarts.

To maximize success when using a bedwetting alarm, Dr. Hyun recommends several things.

-It takes time, around three months, and it requires parental involvement.  It’s important to make the time commitment 

-The alarm tells you when the wetting happens.  It isn’t there to prevent the accident from happening.

-The child needs to be involved, getting up to the bathroom when reminded and resetting the alarm before going back to sleep.

-You have to be consistent. Your body doesn’t learn by just using the alarm a few nights a week.

-Older kids ( 9 or 10) tend to be more motivated to make changes.

-The bedwetting alarm needs to be loud enough for the parents to hear.  It also needs to be one that the child can easily reset by himself during the night.

She finishes by saying that bedwetting alarms can be very effective if used properly.

 All of us at totally agree that proper usage is critical to success.  We are here to help you and answer your questions.  A quick phone call, email or chat to us can often solve your problem or reassure you that you’re on the right path.

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