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Plastic Bed Covers Save Mattress

October 08, 2012 1 min read

"What kind of plastic covers do you recommend for my son's bed? I've tried a couple from WalMart but they tear so easily. His mattress is getting ruined.

Bedwetting can destroy mattresses so having the right waterproof protection is essential. The thickness of the vinyl affects the durability and is worth a few extra dollars to get a better product. These heavy duty vinyl mattress covers are 6 Gauge, which is twice as thick as vinyl covers found in discount stores.

The zippered covers come in different depths so be sure to measure your son's mattress depth before ordering. If it is between sizes, order the next size up.

Zippered vinyl covers stay in place and are easily cleaned in the morning with a spray on disinfectant. Our customers love these inexpensive covers and they have earned a 4.5 Star Review Rating.

I also recommend using a urine stain remover before covering the mattress. Urine-Erase is guaranteed to remove old set-in stains and DP is a convenient spray to remove urine from all surfaces, including the top of the vinyl. Specialized enzyme based urine removal products bind with the protein in the urine, and permanently remove the odor as well as the stain.

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