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Tips for Selecting a Vibrating Watch

Great for discreet reminders of important events
By: Renee Mercer, MSN, CPNP

Why use a vibrating watch?

Vibrating watches help you by providing frequent reminders to use the restroom or to perform other important activities on a regular schedule, thereby lowering the chance of embarrassing accidents. We feature several watches that work well for this purpose. The VibraLITE Mini, Vibro-Watch, VibraLITE 12, and Rodger-8 all can be set to vibrate at prescribed times, along with typical functions such as telling the time and date.

What should I consider in a vibratory watch?

There are several important features to look for in a vibrating watch, and which you select will depend on your individual requirements. Some of the most important features to consider are:

Vibralite Mini Vibrating Reminder Watch Vibrowatch Vibrating Reminder Watch
  • Independently Set Alarms - This feature allows you to set independent alert times each day, providing flexibility for irregular intervals or exact times. This makes it easy to coordinate with school or work schedules. The VibraLITE Mini, VibraLITE 12, and Vibro- Watch allow up to 12 a day; and the Rodger-8 Children's Watch allows 8 alarms per day.
  • Length of Vibration - Vibro-Watch, and VibraLITE watches vibrate for about 20 seconds, which is generally hard to ignore. The Rodger Children's Watch vibrates for 10 seconds.
  • Auto-Restart Countdown - Watches with this feature will alert repeatedly at pre-set intervals and automatically reset. The interval must be the same all day. The Vibro-Watch, Timex, VibraLITE, and Rodger-8 can be set on intervals ranging from 1 minute to 23 hours.
  • Battery Life - 1 to 6 months, depending upon the frequency of alarms. The Vibro-Watch has easy-open battery compartment; the others require jeweler assistance.
  • Size - The smallest vibrating watches are the VibraLITE Mini and Rodger-8 Children’s Watch. The other vibrating watches have a larger watch face with adjustable bands for smaller wrists.

What watch is best for me?

This watch comparison chart can help you choose a watch that will best meet your needs.

Do vibrating watches look different than other watches?

No. Timed voiding watches are designed in a variety of styles to mimic more typical, non-vibrating watches. Children’s vibrating watches have bright and colorful designs, while adult versions are sporty, sleek, or professional. The factory-provided watch bands can be replaced with smaller or personalized bands if desired. The VibraLITE Mini and Rodger-8 Children's Vibrating Watch faces are smaller.

Reminder Devices

Are there any other reminder devices?

Yes! There are several alternatives to the simple vibrating watch.

  • The Invisible Clock is a small, discreet, vibratory alert device that can be clipped onto the belt or slipped into a pocket. This is ideal for those who will not wear a watch.
  • The Timex watches provide a beeping alarm, which can be easy to miss or ignore in a noisy environment. This may not be acceptable in a classroom setting.