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Why Choose Alarm Treatment Kits?

Why choose a Treatment Kit over simply buying a bedwetting alarm by itself? The short answer is that it includes everything you need to be successful. After years of seeing children with bedwetting, these are the components that I recommend for my own patients. The best part is that by buying the essential pieces at the same time, you can save over $20.

Rodger Clippo Treatment Kit

The components are:

  1. The bedwetting alarm of your choice. You can choose a wearable alarm like the Malem Ultimate, or a wireless alarm like the Rodger Wireless.
  2. Two waterproof washable mattress overlays. These reusable bed pads are essential for the children who are transitioning from disposable pants to cloth underwear. (Recommended when you begin using an alarm). Middle of the night clean-up is so much easier when you just remove the soiled pad and quickly replace it with a clean one. Morning laundry is just a pad or two, rather than entire sets of sheets. I recommend the overlays with the tuck in flaps, which stay in place even with a child’s movement.
  3. The book "Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness”. This book guides you with using the alarm, what to expect, what the parents’ role is, and how long things take. Knowing what to expect makes using a bedwetting alarm easier for everyone. “Unrealistic expectations” is the number one reason that families fail to be successful when using an alarm.

Contact Us (800-214-9605) if you have any questions about the Alarm Treatment Kits. If there is an alarm that you want, but it’s not offered in a Treatment Kit, call us and we will create a Treatment Kit just for you.