Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm

Alarm Color
  • LOUD SOUND & STRONG VIBRATION - Perfect for even the deepest sleepers, the Dry-Me features 8 random loud sounds plus strong vibration to effectively wake children.
  • NEW! YELLOW ALARM PLAYS MELODIES & LIGHTS UP - The yellow Dry-Me plays 8 melodies in addition to the 8 sounds, and features a multi-colored flashing light that makes the alarm easy to locate in the dark.
  • GREAT VALUE - Perfect for value-minded shoppers, this economical bedwetting alarm is a powerful, cost-effective way to help children achieve permanent nighttime dryness.
  • QUICK DETECTION - Features a quick detection urine sensor that stays put throughout the night and triggers as soon as bedwetting occurs.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE - Choose the option that’s best for your child by selecting sound and vibration, sound only, or vibration only.
  • FREE PROGRESS CHART, INSTRUCTIONS & BATTERIES - Comes with a free chart to mark your child’s progress, simple instructions, and batteries so you can get started right away!

The Dry-Me bed wetting alarm is a highly effective enuresis alarm that should be near the top of the "value-minded" shopper's list. Modestly priced, this alarm is equipped with several features designed to provide comfort and deliver enhanced alert methods to wake even the deepest sleepers when wetting occurs.

The alarm is small and lightweight and features a plastic clip molded directly on the back of the alarm unit, which clips comfortably at the shoulder area or collar of the child's pajamas. The alarm's small moisture sensor is threaded under your child's shirt and is clipped to the outside of close fitting underwear where wetness would first occur. This bedwetting alarm is well made and designed to go off at the first sign of moisture.

The Dry-Me alarm has three customizable alert settings that allow you to pick between sound & vibration, sound only, or vibration only. When sounds are used, the alarm will play 8 random sounds so that your child does not tune out one specific sound. Each sound is delivered at high volume to effectively rouse your child from sleep. When vibration is used, the alarm delivers a continuous strong pulse. Most children respond best to sound and vibration simultaneously, so the alarm is set to do both when you receive it. In addition to these alert features, the alarm also lights up when urine is detected, making it easy to locate in the dark. Comes in unisex red color.

Included with every Dry-Me bedwetting alarm are instructions for use, charts to track progress and one set of batteries. The Dry-Me alarm requires 2 alkaline AAA batteries for use. This alarm can also be used with a Bed-Mat Sensor option, for those who prefer to lie on a pad and not have the alarm on their shoulder.

New! The Yellow Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm! This alarm plays 8 melodies, in addition to the 8 sounds and vibration that the Red Dry-Me features, and is perfect for any child concerned about hearing loud sounds in the night. You simply use a melody as an alert instead of a loud sound.  Another new feature is a multi-colored flashing light on the front of the alarm, that acts as a locator in the dark.


The Dry-Me is an excellent, economical bed wetting alarm. Several features that make the Dry-Me stand out are a strong continuous vibration, loud sounds (press play above), and a new clip attachment for easily securing the alarm box to your child's shirt.

Manufacturer Kateway Ltd.
Alarm Type Sound and/or vibration with small flashing light
Warranty 1 year on alarm, 90 days on sensor
Sensor Type Easy–clip sensor included
Battery 2 x 1.5 volt AAA alkaline or equivalent
Color Red
Alarm Dimensions Alarm box – 2.5" x 1.75" x 0.8"
Sensor Dimensions 30" long, clip-on sensor – 1.1" x 0.5" x 0.25"
Shipping Weight 8 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Instruction Manual Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarms Instruction Manual
Troubleshooting Guide Dry Me Troubleshooting/FAQs
Care Instructions Clean sensor with soapy water and small toothbrush every few days to remove urine residue.
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS Alarm Box - 2.5" x 1.75" x 0.8"; EasyClip Sensor: 1.1" x 0.5" x 0.25"

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
It worked so fast!

My 13 year old daughter did not wake up to use the bathroom many times in the past. She used night time pull ups and was getting very frustrated. She used the alarm for just a few weeks and it worked so fast! After 2 1/2 weeks of use everything is perfect now! Summer camps here she comes!

Works great!

Great product at a decent price!

It works as described

It works as described but when my son was 5 we slept through it after a while so we just used pull-ups. He's 8 & I'm desperate so we're trying it again. He hasn't slept through it these past 2 nights so he's able to get to the bathroom without making a mess in his clothes & sheets. The clip to attach it to the underwear broke off but the company replaced it for us 2 times for free so that makes me recommend it above another company's alarm. The clip to attach it to his shirt broke as well & we just cross our fingers that it'll stay by his head. The battery door cover broke & I taped it back on so it takes a licking & keeps on ticking but it could be better constructed to withstand a fall out of the bed. Overall it's worth it to try but keep in mind that I haven't tried any other alarm so I have nothing else to compare it to.

This thing works

After just three weeks she has gone multiple dry nights between accidents now. She is excited to see the big improvement and is motivated to continue until she has achieved full remission of her bedwtting.

Cheap Product

I bought this alarm and the clip broke after a few weeks of use. Company won't replace the clip and charges you $15 for a new one. I just feel that the company is taking advantage of the market. Stand behind your product!