Replacement Remote Urosensor for DRI Eclipse Wireless Alarm

  • Designed to work with a pull-up or mini pad
  • Sold as a replacement part
  • Remote sensor can be paired with any DRI Eclipse receiver
  • Works only with the DRI Eclipse bedwetting alarm
  • Only one remote sensor can be used at one time

The remote Urosensor is paired with a DRI Eclipse receiver and transmits a wireless signal to sound the alarm. The remote urosensor is put inside a mini pad or pantyliner (any inexpensive mini pad or pantyliner will do), and this is done by cutting a 1 inch slit in the absorbing layers towards the top or bottom edge of the mini pad or pantyliner. The mini pad provides a collecting area that is even wider than the Urosensor so it quickly catches the urine and directs it onto the sensor.

The Remote Urosensor works well with a pull-up, too. If you prefer not to use the mini pad, the sensor can be put in between two pair of underwear. A working DRI Eclipse receiver is required (not included).

The wireless Urosensor should not need replacing because it has no moving parts. The internal battery will last two to three years. However it may be damaged if it is put through the washer and dryer and so make sure it has been removed from the underwear before washing.


This extra Remote Urosensor can be purchased if you have lost or damaged your remote sensor on your DRI Eclipse alarm. Once you receive your replacement remote, you follow the instructions to "pair" it with a working receiver.

Manufacturer Anzacare
Warranty 90 days
Color Orange with Black etching
Sensor Battery Non-replaceable sealed battery that lasts 2 to 3 years
Sensor Dimensions 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.35"
Shipping Weight 2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)
Care Instructions Hand wash the Remote Urosensor with a liquid soap wash after each night and rinse in water thoroughly and dry with a tissue. It is important to remove all urine and soap residue. Be careful NOT to machine wash - as this may result in permanent damage.
WARRANTY 90 days
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 2.0" x 1.0" x 0.35"

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works about 75%

We use this for my elderly mother who is incontinent and has recurrent UTIs. When it works, it's great but is not 100% reliable. We have to resync it a couple times during the week. Also, it sometimes doesn't activate--even after we've replaced the battery. We've had this device for over a year and replaced this one part as needed. I would recommend but know it's not 100% reliable.

This made a huge difference for my son

The replacement was very easy to sync to the original base unit, and it has worked fine for a couple weeks now. The whole system has worked great for my 12-year old. It seems largely psychological -- just knowing the sensor is there and will scream bloody murder if he wets seems generally sufficient to prevent him from wetting in the first place. He has never ever been out of pull-ups, wetting through them most nights and soaking the sheets and blankets. But after we started using this, he stopped wetting his pull-up in maybe five days. There were occasional hiccups, but it was still a dramatic improvement. So we continued with it for about six weeks until the original sensor got thrown away inside a pull-up. Unfortunately, my son quickly regressed and started soaking the sheets again every night until I bought a blasted replacement. As soon as it came (about a month after the 1st disappeared), he immediately went back to dry pull-ups. Let's hope we can stick with it long enough to effect a permanent change this time. Yes, you do have to follow the instructions closely regarding sensor installation and cleaning. But when we've done so, it has worked exactly as advertised. Every false alarm -- and they are rare now that we've been ""trained"" -- has been explainable by poor sensor placement in the pull-up.

Had to return twice

thank God this had a good warranty - we had to return it after struggling with 2 different sensors (lost one then had one fail).

Replacement Sensor won't pair

the original unit worked for a couple of months and quit, ordered the replacement sensor and carefully followed the pairing instructions and no luck. the Battery is fine.

the only alarm you'll need

We had the best outcomes putting the alarm in a mini pad manufactured by Seventh Generation. All the newer styles are paper thin so there is no way to insert the sensor. This brand is organic so there is still some thickness to their padssince they don't use the ""space age"" materials. Our son struggled with nocturation for years. We were told he had a partial seizure disorder so we could expect this problem. We patiently followed the neuros suggestions but to no avail. But he was getting to the age of sleep-overs and he was so embarrassed. We just wanted to help him feel normal. So we started checking out the alarms. After researching them all, wedecided onthe Dri Eclipse. So glad we did. Although the alarm is very loud, our son slept so hard that it was necessary for us to get him out of bed whenever it went off. No one else in the house ever slept through it! He is a particularly heavy sleeper. Nonetheless, the alarm still managed to train his brain and he has now been pull up free since four months before his 10th birthday. I wish we had known about this alarm when he was younger. Regardless, it was the first and only alarm we needed. Our five year old is chomping at the bit for her turn to use it. Her problem is not nearly as bad as his was so I expect she'll be trained even faster.