Pull Ups for Older Kids

12 Apr

We sometimes get questions from parents whose children have outgrown or are too large for the pull-up disposable pants that are found in the grocery stores. They mention that the adult Depends are too large or not absorbent enough for their kids. With camp and overnight obligations, these families are at a loss as to which products might work for their children with bedwetting.

We are happy to have some product suggestions for you. These products are not commonly found in stores but are available from us on-line. The extended size selection-youth, extra-small and small- is great for older or larger children. These products are not marketed specifically for youth or children but can provide some beneficial alternatives for keeping kids dry.

General guidelines:
• Products designed for youth have sizes measured in pounds (child’s weight)
• Products designed for small adults/older children have sizes measured in inches (measure waist size)
• Adult sizes are generally cut with a longer rise, but shorter persons can fold the elasticized upper portion inward to customize the fit

Alternative Pull-on Products for Older or Larger Children


Attends Underwear Super Plus

Attends Underwear Super Plus Small 22 – 36 in.


Prevail Underwear
Prevail Underwear Youth/Small 20 – 34 in. Small 22 – 36 in.

Tena Extra Underwear
Tena Extra Underwear Small 25 – 35 in.


Tranquility Overnight Disposable Underwear
Tranquility Overnight Disposable Underwear Extra Small 17 – 28 in. Small 22 – 36 in.

Alternative Tape-on Products for Older or Larger Children

Tranquility Slimline Briefs
Tranquility Slimline Briefs Junior 28 – 42 lb. Extra Small 18 – 26 in. Small 24 – 32 in. Medium 32 – 44 in.

Tena Briefs
Tena Briefs Youth 17 – 22 in. Small 22 – 36 in. Medium 34 – 47 in.

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