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10 Year Old with Bedwetting

April 19, 2023 2 min read

“My son will be 10 next month and is still wetting the bed. We bought an inexpensive wearable sound alarm around 3 years ago and tried it then. He hated it and has convinced himself that it won't work. Will an alarm work in someone his age? How do I convince him to try this solution?  I wake him every night to go to the bathroom, but sometimes that doesn't work.”

I think you can begin by discussing how his body has matured and changed in the last 3 years.  His response to a bedwetting alarm will most likely be very different from what you observed when he was 7 years old.  Sounds that might be frightening to a younger child can be viewed differently in a ten year old.  The sound is just a reminder that he needs to get up and walk to the bathroom.

Next, you might try a different style of alarm.  Since he did not respond well to a wearable alarm, try a wireless alarm.  The Rodger wireless alarm has no wires, and features specially designed sensor underwear that fit and feel like regular underwear.  He simply puts on the underwear at bedtime and turns on the receiver, which is plugged into the wall.  The receiver sounds when moisture is detected anywhere on the underwear.  Using this alarm is not much different than wearing boxer briefs to bed and is simple to have on every night.

Your (parent’s) response is still important, even at this age.  He may not hear the alarm, even though it is loud, or may not be able to process what needs to be done.  Go to his room when you hear the alarm and make sure he gets up, turns it off and walks to the bathroom.  (If your room is far from his, you can buy a second receiver for your room or even use a baby monitor.)  Over time your role will be less important and he will learn to do this by himself.

Lastly, discuss normal progress and what to expect. The average child takes 10-12 weeks to become completely dry.  He needs to commit to using the alarm every night for a few months.  Patience and persistence are important, but using this bedwetting alarm now will save him from dealing with this problem for years to come.


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